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Financing and Scholarships

Investing in your future

Your degree is an investment in your professional future. As a business school of international standing, we not only provide you the best conditions for earning a degree – we also offer you excellent career prospects. When you make the decision to study at Frankfurt School, your current financial situation shouldn’t be the factor that holds you back. At the same time, it’s important to make sensible preparations for funding your studies.

Overall costs
Tuition fee per semester 10,600 Euro
Enrolment fee 100 Euro
Total programme tuition (3 semesters)           31,900 Euro
 Living costs per month  800 -1,000 Euro 

Tuition fee discounts
FS Alumni discount 4,500 Euros
 Early-bird discount 1
 (complete applications received by 30 November)
5,000 Euros
Early-bird discount 2
(complete applications received by 29 February)
2,500 Euros
Scholarship Deadline
(complete applications received by 31 May)  

Payment Terms

Once you have been admitted to the The Frankfurt MBA programme, we ask that you make a tuition fee deposit of 5,000 Euros to secure your place on the programme. Your remaining fees will be paid in regular instalments at the beginning of each semester.

Frankfurt School Scholarships

A limited number of MBA scholarships is available to encourage applications from candidates from any discipline or background with an outstanding academic or business track record.

Mehr Weniger

All scholarship decisions are merit-based, although financial hardship may also be taken into consideration in special cases. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and decisions are final. Scholarships will only be awarded to cover tuition fees and will be deducted from the total tuition amount. No funds are available to cover living expenses.

External Scholarships and Loans

Several German and international organisations offer competitive scholarships for outstanding students:

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

awards stipends to cover the cost of living for international students pursuing an academic degree programme in Germany. Learn more.

Letters of Recommendation

Who should write the letters?

All applicants to the full-time MBA programme must submit two letters of recommendation.

The first letter

of recommendation should be written by a current or previous work supervisor. In general, we want to hear from someone who can assess both your professional and analytical skills and abilities. If you are self-employed or work for a family business, please try to get a letter from a client or someone who does business with you and can write an objective letter.

The second letter

can be from another work supervisor, a former professor, or someone who has worked with you in an organization, club, or project. The second letter should provide a new and valuable insight into your skills and abilities.

How should letters be submitted?

Please ask your referees to either write their letter on official company/institution letterhead or to use the official MBA recommendation form. Letters of recommendation can be submitted in two ways:


Your referees may give their signed recommendation letters / forms to you, and you may upload the letters to the FS online application system along with your other supporting documents. Each letter should be scanned separately and show the original signature and contact information of the respective referee.


The referees can email their letters directly to Tamara Huf at Frankfurt School (scanned with the original signature, sent from the email account of the referee), and we will add it to your application file.