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Your Hackathon

A hackathon at Frankfurt School’s AI Lab is an ideal opportunity for any company with an interest in

  • Innovation
  • Talent sourcing
  • Technology testing
  • Research
  • Employee development
  • Exposure

The aim of the competitions is to develop a data-driven solution for your custom challenge. Up to 60 young and passionate data enthusiasts will take on that challenge. Organised in interdisciplinary teams, they will develop and present their innovative solutions to a panel which will decide the winning team(s). The event ends with an award ceremony where your company will present your specific prizes to the winners. For participants, hackathons are a learning format to work on real business cases, collaborate with the tech community and, of course, to have fun.

Hackathon Formats

FS Data Science Hackathon (overnight)

Is your focus on talent sourcing and innovation?

The FS Data Science Hackathon is a 25-hour event for companies who want to test their technology or data sets and are looking for innovative solutions. It is also a chance to get to know the hacking participants during an intense working and team building atmosphere.

(10 hours)

Is your focus on innovation or employee development?

The Hack@Lab is a one-day hacking event. It is designed for companies with the aim of employee development. The format is an opportunity to realize the potential of your own experts who will work together with other hacking participants on innovative approaches.


FS Data Science Hackathon with the ECB

The overnight Nowcasting Inflation: Machine Learning for Automated Product Classification hackathon was a cooperation with the European Central Bank supported by Google Cloud. 40 participants, students from Frankfurt School and external students as well as young professionals, were divided into eight teams with mixed skill levels to foster learning, collaboration and exchange. The teams were asked to develop an intelligent way to automatically assign categories to supermarket products (already scraped from online sources) according to the COICOP classification scheme.

Mehr Weniger

Their solutions were evaluated on the basis of four different criteria: accuracy, generalisability, innovation and AI monitoring & business process integration. The winning team's solution were a combination of simple machine learning models and a rule-based system designed to be highly accurate and easily generalisable without susceptible to classification errors arising from few training examples.

Judges and mentors were impressed by the high accuracy and praised the creative solutions of the teams. For participants, the hackathon was not only challenging but also an opportunity to network.




The winning teams presented their solutions at ECB.


The winning teams presented their solutions at ECB.

FS Hackathon on explainable AI

Accenture Hackathon with pre-event

The hackathon was focussed on problem-solving skills. It was an opportunity to learn, experience and apply new XAI technologies and to hack problems in finance & risk. FS students worked collaboratively with Accenture data scientists and AI experts from DFKI (German Institute for Artificial Intelligence).


Mehr Weniger

The event started the evening before the competition with a warmup and teaming session. On the hacking day, multidisciplinary teams combined aspects of machine learning, XAI, visualisation, user interaction, some business understanding and of course serious data science efforts. They explored new algorithms such as Lime, Shapley Values, PDB or Anchors to explain the why of our AI solution. The teams answered questions such as Why is the customer not making repayments?, What drives my model outcomes? or How can we include XAI in our daily life?






A one-day hacking event with Deloitte

This session was intense! Students who knew how to handle complex algorithms and were used to management questions came together. Their goal was to answer questions concerning electromobility and the financial industry. From nine in the morning until ten in the evening the students worked in the well-equipped AI Lab. The judges were impressed by the winners´ approache. The winning team won with a presentation on future financial products. With their idea the team offers a personalised service based on deep learning to create an optimal customer experience for millennials and digital natives. Deloitte announced a prize of € 3,000 euro as well as an invitation to the consulting firm.


The winning team: Zakaria Abu Grin, Erik Lehmann, Laura Sophie Mina and Haowei Shi

Previous Participants


Master in Applied Data Science 62%
Other FS Master programmes 6%
FS Bachelor programmes 5%
FS MBA programmes 3%
FS Phd. programme 3%
External students and experts 21%

Work Experience

Employee 59%
Yet to find first work opportunity 41%

Average Age



Female 29%
Male 71%