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Managing the COVID19 Crisis – Best Practices on the International Market

A Webinar series by GIZ and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

COVID19 is presenting a challenge to financial institutions all over the world. With the Webinars, GIZ and its Financial Sector Development Project (PAFSME) want to support professionals in the financial sector in their efforts to manage the impact of the crisis.

The focus of the session is risk management for financial institutions. Aspects of Digital and Green Finance will be presented as well to give an outlook about potential growth opportunities for the future. Furthermore, aspects of business continuity will be discussed.

Target Audience

We are targeting professionals from the financial sector in general. The sessions are well structured to make sure its relevance for Banking Sector Professionals and Non-Banking Financial Services Professionals. Regulators are also invited to the Webinars.


Frankfurt School of Finance and Management will hand out a certificate to every participant who attended at least 5 webinars.

Webinars Structure

The length of each webinar is approximately 2 hours. Upon registration you will receive an email with the Zoom link and exact agenda.

Session Topic
Date & Time
Crisis Response for Fls

Risk Management during COVID-19

30.11.2020, 9-11am Download Agenda

Operational Risk Management - Incident detection, recording, measurement, analysis, mitigation

06.12.2020, 9-11am

Download Agenda

Credit Risk Management in an economic downturn

03.12.2020, 9-11am

Download Agenda

Liquidity Risk Management - Liquidity risk and ALM in financial and economic crisis 

02.12.2020, 9-11am

Download Agenda

Data Driven Approach

Credit Risk Management - Portfolio management and analysis

07.12.2020, 9-11am

Download Agenda

Credit Risk Management - Development of a Credit Scoring Model

10.12.2020, 9-11am

Download Agenda

Market Risk - FX risk, interest rate risk 

14.12.2020, 9-11am

Download Agenda

Green Finance

Opportunities for FIs in green finance - Introducing green elements in banking processes 

08.12.2020, 3-5pm

Download Agenda

Green Finance in Egypt - Opportunities for Green Finance in Egypt

09.12.2020, 3-5pm

Download Agenda

Digital Finance

Understanding the digital journey - Opportunities of digital financial services 

15.12.2020, 3-5pm

Download Agenda

Digital lending approach - Digital tools to enhance financial services to MSMEs 

16.12.2020, 3-5pm

Download Agenda

Business Continuity Planning

Comprehensive Stress Testing in Financial Services

17.12.2020, 9-11am

Download Agenda

Enterprise Risk Management Framework (ERM)

19.01.2021, 9-11am

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