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In today’s fast-paced world, marketing managers must continuously measure customers’ reactions, leverage the available data to distill insights, and adapt and optimise their marketing efforts accordingly. The Master in Management Customer Insights and Analytics concentration combines state-of-the-art knowledge in data-driven marketing with practical, hands-on experiences to equip you with the skills demanded by marketing managers across various industries today.


Marketing Strategy

  • Competing in the marketplace
  • Balancing short-term tactical decisions with long-term strategic objectives
  • Raising and lowering prices
  • Investing in new products

External Lecturer

Dr. Stefan Worm

Marketing Analytics

  • Turning data into insights
  • Understand how customers respond to marketing decisions
  • Segmenting and targeting customers
  • Predicting customer behavior and profitability
  • Extensive use of R (one of the most sought-after marketing skills)

Why Customer Insights and Analytics at FS?

"Our brand new Customer Insights and Analytics concentration will prepare you for the realities of marketing in a world where a comprehensive marketing view, number-crunching skills and an analytical mindset, and hands-on experiences are more relevant than ever."

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