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Businesses within all industries are faced with the opportunities and challenges presented by digital transformation. The ubiquity of digital technologies, such as social media, mobile devices and sensor technologies, combined with the resulting availability of “Big Data” enables firms to ‘digitalise’ each and every part of their business. In doing so, marketing strategies and interaction with customers and supply chain partners are being transformed. In order to qualify future managers to successfully handle these challenges, the Master in Management offers the Digital Business concentration. 


Digital Transformation

  • Challenges and approaches in implementing digital innovation and thus transforming an incumbent organization
  • Potentials and limitations of agile management approaches
  • Economic and societal impacts of digitalization

External Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn

Digital Innovation

  • Insights into the mechanics, potentials and limitations of digital technologies
  • Developing digital strategies and business models
  • Developing specifics of innovation discovery and diffusion
  • Monetizing the digitally created value

External Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn

Why Digital Business at FS?

Digital Business affects everything around us, both in our professional and personal lives. In order to qualify future managers to successfully handle the challenges of this in business, the Master in Management program offers the Digital Business concentration.

Read more from Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn, Professor of Information Systems, here.