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The strategic and effective design of operational capabilities is a powerful source of long-term competitive advantage. Students will learn how an organization can achieve sustainable growth through its technology and operations strategy, which encompasses key decisions about its facilities, technology and process choices, and relationships with business partners both upstream and downstream in the supply chain. The Master in Management Technology and Operations concentration furthermore equips students with the analytical toolkit that is the basis for actual data-driven planning in practice.


Prescriptive Analytics

  • Translating business problems into formal models
  • Supporting planning decisions with optimization methods
  • Translating numbers into insights
  • Sharpening analytical skills

External Lecturer

David Francas

Supply Chain Strategy

  • Linking supply chain strategy to financial performance
  • Tailoring supply chain structure to product characteristics
  • Designing distribution networks in the online economy
  • Mitigating risk through quick response
  • Sharing risk across the supply chain

Why Technology & Operations at FS?

The concentration is highly suited to students who wish to pursue career paths that require the strategic analysis or design of a firm’s operations, including those interested in consulting, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, investment analysis, and general management... The concentration also provides the fundamental toolkit for any modern-day entrepreneur. 

Find out more about the Technology & Operations concentration in our blog post written by Mirko Kremer, Supply Chain Management Professor.