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10.02.2014 12:00:00

Beginning from June 2013, Frankfurt School has been conducting its first direct acquisition programme in Turkey with Kuveyt Turk, the largest participation bank in the country. Within the scope of this programme, Frankfurt School specifically developed ALES – Agricultural Loan Evaluation System to be implemented initially in 7 pilot regions in order to increase the agricultural lending capacity of Kuveyt Turk and improve the risk assessment of the farmers and agricultural enterprises. Upon implementation of ALES in pilot regions successfully, the bank has decided to extend the coverage of the system and launched agricultural lending activities in 20 provinces of Turkey with numerous branches as of February 2014. 

Besides developing ALES and integration with the bank’s own system, Frankfurt School provided extensive technical assistance to Kuveyt Turk in developing agricultural lending strategies and policies, field coaching and introducing new agricultural banking products. With the assistance of Frankfurt School, the bank has introduced its new agricultural credit card “Tohum Kart”. An intensive training programme on agricultural lending has been implemented to the bank staff as well. 

As of end February 2014, Kuveyt Turk managed to generate an agricultural loan portfolio size of USD 3 million. The bank has recently decided to allocate more resources to the agricultural consultancy programme and Frankfurt School will continue supporting the bank until June 2014.