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15.09.2014 12:00:00

Financed by the EBRD, EU and the Republic of Turkey, Turkey Women in Business Programme (TurWiB) is a comprehensive programme which offers an effective response to address the multi-dimensional nature of women-led SMEs’ barriers to growth, including but not limited to their access to finance. The overall objective of the programme is to promote women’s participation in the labour force and women’s entrepreneurship and to increase female employment by increasing availability of credit to the WiB SME segment, removing supply constraints to credit, facilitating the process of adjusting demand and supply through the TC component, and enhancing women’s financial and managerial capabilities, thereby stimulating their demand for financial products and services. 

The programme has been launched by the EBRD with a large event on 22 October 2014 in Istanbul with the participation of all project stakeholders including the experienced practitioners from the EBRD, Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Turkey and Turkish Labour Agency as well as representatives of Turkish banks and women organizations in the country. During the launch event, 6 large banks of Turkey declared their interest in the programme with a signing ceremony between the parties involved.

Within the context of the programme, Frankfurt School will provide assistance to partner banks in understanding the expectations of women entrepreneurs, integrating changes to business models and delivery mechanisms to reach out to women-led SMEs as well as introducing new WiB products. Frankfurt School also aims to conduct sound “Women in Business” seminars, centralized training workshops and roundtables for women entrepreneurs particularly in the less developed regions of the country in order to improve their skills in marketing, leadership, finance and business management. In addition, the regional launch events and a thematic conference will be organized to enhance the visibility of the programme and increase the marketing opportunities of the partner banks in mature WiB markets to ensure the WiB’s access to finance.