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FS TURCASIA is deeply committed to fostering youth empowerment, offering its expertise through advisory services to diverse NGOs, youth-focused foundations, financial institutions, and other stakeholders invested in youth development. We holistically help our stakeholders through our tailor-made approach to ensure youth mainstreaming in their policy, consultancy, training, institutional restructuring, and financing operations.

We recognise the imperative to enhance youth-led entrepreneurship initiatives and businesses. In response to this imperative, we have successfully executed a series of projects to catalyse youth development and empowerment, with a strong commitment to ongoing efforts in this arena. Through collaborative partnerships, we aim to increase awareness among financial institutions and government bodies regarding the challenges hindering access to finance and advisory of youth communities.

We advocate for an ecosystem approach for youth-led businesses to reduce the resistance they encounter and improve environments in which young entrepreneurs operate to help them flourish. It should include enhancing financial literacy and business education, improving (young people’s capacity to) access funding sources, providing mentorship and business advisory services, and fostering a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.