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About Us

The Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation (FCCR) of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management takes an interdisciplinary approach when dealing with regulation measures that steer the economy. The continuous exchange of experiences with companies is of vital importance and the FCCR is pleased to collaborate with 11 companies from different sectors of the economy. The FCCR will be supported by the following funding partners: AXA Konzern AG, Bayer AG, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Boston Consulting Group, Daimler-Fonds, Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Börse AG, Google Germany GmbH, PepsiCo Deutschland GmbH, RWE AG, ZIA Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss e.V..

Centre Directors

Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Roland Koch

Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Roland Koch has been Professor of Management Practice in Regulated Environments at the Frankfurt School since November 2017 and is director of the Frankfurt Competence Center for German and Global Regulation (FCCR) at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. He also practices law in his own firm.

Roland Koch is a member of the Supervisory Board of Vodafone Germany as well as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peter Dussmann Foundation and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Dussmann Stiftung & Co. KGaA.

He was Minister President of the State of Hesse from 1999 to 2010, Chairman of the Hessian CDU between 1998 and 2010 and Deputy Federal Chairman of the CDU between 2006 and 2010. After his time as Minister President, Roland Koch was Chairman of the Executive Board of Bilfinger SE from 2011 to 2014 and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of UBS Europe SE from 2011 to 2021.

Koch was appointed Chairman of Ludwig Erhard Stiftung e.V. in 2020.

In October 2017, the Hanoi University of Law awarded him an honorary doctorate, and in September 2018 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Law at the European Business School Wiesbaden.

Prof. Dr. Julia Redenius-Hövermann, LL. M.

Prof. Dr. Julia Redenius-Hövermann serve as a Professor of Civil and Company Law. She joined Frankfurt School in August 2012 as an Assistant Professor. From December 2006 until July 2012 Julia Redenius has held the position of postdoctoral research associate and lecturer at the Chair of Professor Theodor Baums at the Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt. Before returning to her hometown Frankfurt, Julia Redenius worked as a research associate and lecturer at the Universities of Paris II-Assas and Paris XII-Saint Maur as well as an attorney at law in Paris. Julia Redenius holds Master degrees in French, German, European and International Corporate Law from the University of Paris II-Assas and Munich as well as a Ph. D. (summa cum laude, Supervision: Professor Michel Germain) from the University of Paris II-Assas. She was admitted to the Paris Bar Exam. As an ILF Research Fellow, Julia Redenius wrote her postdoctoral thesis (“Habilitation”) under the supervision of Professor Baums in the field of corporate law and behavioural law and economics; she received the venia legendi for Civil Law, Commercial and Business Law and Comparative Law in December 2017. Within the framework of her postdoctoral thesis, she was a visiting scholar at Columbia Law School, New York, in Fall 2011 (Fellowship of the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation). Her research focuses on Corporate Law, Comparative Law, Capital Market Law, Banking Law and Law and Economics. Her advisory activity covers requests from national and international ministries concerning German Corporate Law. Julia Redenius is the Chairwoman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Compliance Manager Association, member of the Governance, Stewarship Commission of the DVFA, member of the Compliance working group of FIRM and director of the Corporate Governance Institute.

Centre Professors

Maximilian Jager

Mr. Jager completed his bachelor's and master's degree in economics at the University of Regensburg and the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. After a six-month stay at the European Central Bank, Mr. Jager began his doctoral studies at the University of Mannheim in 2016. He completed a six-month stay at the Bundesbank, two stays of several months at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel as well as a six-month research stay at the renowned NYU Stern School of Business in New York. His research results have already been published in leading international journals.

Institute Office

Rebekka Schalast

Rebekka Schalast is a project member at the Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus on International Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and has been supporting the Competence Centre since February this year.

Affiliated Members

Prof. Dr. Sandra Eckert (Extern)

Prof. Dr. Eckert has been at the Institute of Political Science at Goethe University since 2014, teaches at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) in Denmark, and in the winter semester 2022/2023 she will take up the professorship of Comparative Politics at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). She is the author of two monographs (Manchester University Press 2015, Palgrave Macmillan 2019) and has published in internationally renowned journals such as the Journal of Common Market Studies, the Journal of European Public Policy, the Journal of European Integration, and Regulation & Governance.

Prof. Dr. Martin Lodge (Extern)

Professor Lodge has been a member of the Department of Government at the London School of Economics (LSE) since 2002. Previously, he was a Lecturer in Public Policy at the University of Ulster in Jordanstown and a Senior Research Fellow at the ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR). Currently, Prof. Lodge is director of CARR.

From 2000 to 2010, Prof. Lodge was editor of the journal West European Politics. Since 2011, managing editor of Public Administration. He is a founding member of PSA's Executive Politics & Governance Specialist Group, co-editor of the Palgrave book series of the same name, a member of the editorial board of West European Politics, and vice-chair of IPSA's Structure and Organization of Government Research Committee.

Prof. Lodge leads the TransCrisis Research Consortium, a Horizon2020 project on cross-border crisis management capacity (2015-18). This project was supervised by CARR.


Official opening of the Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation

On Friday, 29 April 2022 the official opening of the FCCR took place. Here you can find some impressions of the event. We would like to thank especially the speakers, our sponsors and all participants.

Prof. Dr. Stieglitz

Prof. Dr. Simon

Eröffnung FCCR

Prof. Dr. Simons Rede

Weitere Informationen zu unserer Eröffnung finden Sie hier:

- Springer Professional: Kompetenzzentrum für Regulierung in Frankfurt eröffnet 
- idw: Frankfurt School launches research centre for regulation

FCCR: Centre Manager (m/w/d) in the range of 80%-100%

For the scientific and organizational coordination of the Centre, we are looking for a Center Manager (m/f/d) in the range of 80%-100% for the supervision of various projects. 

For further information on the position and the scope of responsibilities, please click here.

Brochure: Regulation Conference 2021

On the 5th November the third regulation conference took place at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. 

The brochure with all information about the event, including the individual speeches is available here:

Foundation of the Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation

After three successful regulation conferences, a Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation is founded. It explores government regulation and macroeconomic costs and benefits and follows an interdisciplinary approach. 

Further information on the foundation of the FCCR is available here here:


Upcoming Events

Regulation Conference 29 November 2022

The fourth Regulation Conference will take place on 29 November 2022 at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. This will be the first regulation conference under the official management of the Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation (FCCR). 

Past events

Over the past few years, we have hosted a series of regulation conferences. Below you can see some selected highlights:

Prof. Dr. Stieglitz hält eine Rede

29 April 2022

On 29 April 2022, the official opening of the Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation (FCCR) took place. The event started with a welcome by Prof. Dr. Stieglitz, followed by a concept visualisation by Centre Directors Prof. Dr. Redenius-Hövermann and Prof. Dr. Koch, and a keynote on the topic "Regulation in times of crisis – headwind or impetus?" by Prof. Dr. Simon, Member of the Board and Chief Administration Officer of Deutsche Bank AG. We would like to thank all participants and look forward to formally commencing the activities of our institute!

Regulierungskonferenz 2021

5 November 2021

The third Regulatory Conference was held on 5 November 2021 with a special focus on the establishment of the Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation (FCCR). We would like to thank all speakers and look forward to the next regulatory conference in November 2022.

More information about the event and the speakers is available here: Frankfurt Regulation Conference 2021

Roland Koch

20 November 2020

At the Regulation Conference 2020, we welcomed numerous international experts from academia and industry to the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. It is our ambition to make the Regulation Conference a regular institution. We very much hope that the debate on the "why" and the "how" of regulation, which will have state-theoretical and economic significance beyond individual segments, can be conducted more intensively than before.

Further information on the event and the speakers is available here: Frankfurt Regulation Conference 2020

Regulierungskonferenz 2019

1 October 2019

The first Regulation Conference took place on 1 October 2019 at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Experts from academia and business were invited to analyze and evaluate regulations at the national and global levels. In Germany, the term regulation is always immediately associated with a specific subject area. The conference is intended to provide a space for coordinating and reflecting on strategies for regulation.


Frankfurt School is accredited by the three largest and most influential business school accreditation organisations, AACSB, EQUIS - EFMD, and AMBA. This “triple crown” accreditation is held by only 100 business schools - i.e., less than 1% of all business schools worldwide.

Frankfurt School and the FCCR members offer various executive education products in the area of German and Global regulation.

Regulation is also covered in the curricula of Frankfurt School bachelor's and master's programmes.


Research Topics
  • Big Data & Data Use (e.g. EU Data Act)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Digitalization
  • ESG factors/EU taxonomy
  • Financial market & banking regulation
  • Global Regulation
  • Platform Regulation (a.o. DAS & DMA)
  • Regulatory impact assessments
  • Social Taxonomy
  • Supply Chain Regulation
FCCR Research Papers


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