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About Us

Career Services

Our Career Services team offers advising and solutions for students and companies.

Alumni & Friends

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management cultivates and maintains close, trust-based relationships and friendships with our alumni.

Job Offers

Frankfurt School is growing continuously. Therefore we are always looking for new talents.


There are a lot of possibilities to support the Frankfurt School.


Show off your school spirit with our FS apparel and products. 

About us

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a leading private business school based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We have 86 regional education centres throughout Germany and various joint ventures and programmes abroad.

We offer top class degree courses and continuing education options in seven different programme divisions. We maintain four specialist research centres and run numerous international consulting projects.

All educational, research and consulting activities are focused on finance and management. By finance, we mean crossfunctional financial activities at all companies that deal with financial management. And by management, we mean classical corporate leadership, where managers deploy employees and resources in such a way that the company’s goals are met as cost-effectively as possible.

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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management originated in the financial sector, but today our services enjoy increasing appreciation in other business sectors as well. In the future, we will be continuing to expand our national and international networking with the business community.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We advance and disseminate sustainable international business practices in finance and management through education, research, training and advisory services. Based on research and practical experience, we educate our students to be responsible experts and executives.

Our Vision

We aim to be one of the leading business schools in Europe and the top choice for education in finance. Our graduates act responsibly and are known for their first class analytical skills as well as cutting edge practical and conceptual knowledge. Both our research and advisory services enhance business and government, and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Our Values


Education is for us a market where success comes from providing excellent quality. Our achievements speak for themselves.


We work independently, innovatively and responsibly.


We act on a basis of trust, reliability and fairness.


We show mutual respect for each other in our work and pursue our common goals faithfully and honestly.

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