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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Sonnemannstraße 9-11
60314 Frankfurt am Main

From the airport to Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Frankfurt has a good public transport network and it's very easy to reach Frankfurt School. To get from the airport to Frankfurt School please go to the regional railway station (Regionalbahnhof) for S-Bahn, regional and local trains at Terminal 1, Level 1. Trains arrive at and depart from platforms 1 to 3.

There you have to take the S8 or S9 (Direction Frankfurt Hbf., Offenbach or Hanau). After passing the stations „Frankfurt Hbf.“ and "Konstablerwache", please get out at the station „Ostendstrasse“. Frankfurt School is located two minutes from the station. When you get off the train, please take the exit "Ostendstrasse" and follow the sign "Frankfurt School of Finance & Management". At the top of the first escalator, keep left and take the second, shorter escalator. At the top, continue in the same direction down the road and take a left at the next junction into Uhlandstrasse. The large white building you will be passing after 100 meters is already the Frankfurt School. Continue along the building, the main entrance is located at the end, slightly to the left on the main road, Sonnemannstrasse.


Turn right and walk down Lange Strasse towards the river. Turn left into Oskar-von-Miller Strasse and then follow the road into Sonnemannstrasse. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is at the beginning of Sonnemannstrasse. There is also a more pleasant way through a little park - please ask the hotel staff to give you directions.

RMV ticket machines

Local transport tickets are also available from ticket machines, situated at the local railway station. Remember that you will need to obtain a ticket before boarding the train.
How does the machine work?
Follow the instructions on the user screen.
Press a button to select a different screen language (English, French, Italian, Spanish or Turkish).

  1. Please select your destination from the directory.
  2. Use the 10-digit keypad to enter the 2 or 4 digit destination number listed to the left of the destination (for Frankfurt you have to enter 50).
  3. Then press the button in the key block under the keypad for adult ticket, single or day ticket.
  4. Check the details on the screen (destination number, selected ticket) and please pay the amount displayed.

These machines will also accept payment in banknotes.