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Please note that there are special Financial Aid programmes for US students and also other country specific funding options.

In Germany the follwing financing options are available for international students:


Über Studien- bzw. Bildungsfonds wird Studierenden aller akademischen Programme der Frankfurt School eine finanzielle und ideelle Unterstützung im Studium ermöglicht.

Die Aufnahme in die Förderung erfolgt über einen Bewerbungsprozess.

Im Gegensatz zu einem Studienkredit erfolgt die Rückzahlung der Studienförderung einkommensabhängig nach dem Berufseinstieg. Geförderte zahlen einen festen Prozentsatz ihres Bruttoeinkommens über einen festgelegten Zeitraum an den Fonds zurück.

Die Förderung über einen Fonds ist mit anderen Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten (z.B. BAföG, Studienkredite, Stipendien) kombinierbar.

Ausführliche Informationen finden Sie auf den Seiten der folgenden Anbieter:

The advantage of Generation Contract

Study first, pay later: the Generation Contract (GC) is an innovative model to finance your studies. The GC allows the applicant* to study at Frankfurt School without paying tuition fees during the study programme. Repayment starts after a successful career entry and after obtaining a minimum income of 30,000 EUR gross salary. Then alumni pay back a fixed percentage of their income over 10 years.

This financing option is available for all

  • Bachelor,
  • Master and
  • MBA

programmes at Frankfurt School. Full or partial funding of the tuition fee is possible.

As a graduate you only pay back as much as you can afford at that time. With little income the re-payment is very little, with high income respectively more. But it never exceeds the defined percentage of the salary. Repayments are restricted to a fair maximum (roughly twice as much as the original tuition fee, plus inflation balance). In case of a rapid salary development there will still be a capped amount.

The payback terms are related to the professional success after graduation. If the income is below the minimum salary, the payment will be cancelled or pushed back. This also applies for job intermissions, such as maternity/paternity leave, PhD studies or illness.

After a successful admissions process at Frankfurt School, the prospective student can directly contact Brain Capital to apply for financial aid.

* The GC is available for prospective students from the following countries: Germany (and those who did their high school degree in Germany), Switzerland, Norway. Potentially also available for other EU-countries, USA and Canada .