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FS in Numbers

Founded 1957 as Bankakademie
Status Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
(State recognized, full degree-awarding power )
Locations Frankfurt am Main (Headquarters & central campus)
2 study centres – Hamburg and Munich
4 international offices – Bejing/Istanbul/Nairobi/Mumbai
73 regional study centres in Germany
Global projects


92.7 million € (including subsidiaries)


2,258 students (academic programmes)
87.4% Graduation Rate Bachelor’s Programmes
91.9% Graduation Rate Master’s Programmes
12.4% Drop Out Rate Bachelor’s Programmes
5.4% Drop Out Rate Master’s Programmes
90.4% Total Retention Rate Bachelor’s Programmes

Total Retention Rate Master’s Programmes

3,175 students (professional programmes)
>10,000 training activities
Faculty 62 professors
9 adjunct and honorary professors
5 lecturers
65 Ph.D. students
13 programme directors
Admin staff 480
Alumni >100,000 alumni of professional degree programmes
>5,000 Alumni from academic programmes (Dipl., B. Sc., M. Sc.)

September 2017

Open to new ideas since 1957


The success story of Frankfurt School already spans half a century. Today, the Frankfurt School is one of Germany’s foremost institutes of higher education.

Founded in 1957 by the Gabler publishing house in Wiesbaden, the Bankakademie, as it was then known, took the legal form of an association, and rapidly became the national benchmark for the continuing education of financial sector employees.


In 1966, the association was re-founded and the regional associations of the private banking sector and the association of cooperative banks were added to its list of members.

At the end of the 1970s, the programme portfolio was extended to include general management studies, and in 1990, HfB Business School of Finance & Management (University of Finance & Management) was added as an academic arm.

To coincide with the association’s 50th anniversary, at the beginning of 2007 all educational and consulting services were brought together under one roof as Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.