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Choosing the right concentration for the Master in Management programme is a crucial decision that can significantly shape your career path. The available range of concentrations allows students to personalise their learning journey. Such a choice aligns personal goals and aspirations with a focused and meaningful learning experience.

By providing focused learning, each concentration is designed to provide specialised knowledge and skills focused on specific areas of Global Strategy, Strategic Communication and Leadership, Digital Business, Technology & Operations, and Data & Business Analytics. Through these concentrations and company projects, you have an opportunity to visit established corporations and start-ups.

Global Strategy

This concentration systematically explores how firms shape international markets and organisational processes to improve their competitive position, allowing you to develop the relevant analytical and practical skills needed in today’s fast-changing business environment. The Master in Management Global Strategy concentration prepares you for management consulting, executive or line manager assistant roles, or strategy and business development.

MiM Concentration Global Strategy

Strategic Communication and Leadership

The Master in Management Strategic Communication and Leadership concentration equips students for managerial roles in strategic or corporate communication, policy making, leadership, diversity and change management and marketing. Building on theories in psychology, sociology, management and economics, the concentration is designed to develop people analytics skills. Upon completion of this concentration students will advance their ability to manage people, politics and situations. They will learn how to motivate and lead individuals and teams and shape organisations to reach strategic goals.

MiM Concentration Strategic Communication and Leadership

Digital Business, Technology & Operations

The strategic and effective design of operational capabilities combined with skills in digital business is a powerful source of long-term competitive advantage. Students will learn how an organisation can achieve sustainable growth through digital transformation and operational strategy. This concentration encompasses key decisions about its facilities and digital process choices, and relationships with business partners both upstream and downstream in the supply chain. The Master in Management Digital Business, Technology and Operations concentration furthermore equips students with the analytical toolkit that is the basis for actual data-driven planning in practice.

MiM Concentration Digital Business, Technology & Operations

Data & Business Analytics

While the idea of using data to improve decision-making is by no means new, various methodological advances and a proliferation of "big data" have sparked a quickly growing appreciation and practice of business analytics. However, the growing importance of data-driven and evidence-based decision making is not confined to tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Companies across all industries, and of all sizes, have begun to build data-driven business models, resulting in a rising need to hire managers that combine business domain knowledge with a deep understanding of the methodological toolbox that can unlock the value inherent in data. This is the essential premise of the Master in Management Data & Business Analytics concentration.

MiM Data & Business Analytics