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We support financial institutions to design and implement their IT/MIS strategies

Frankfurt School provides innovative technology solutions, trainings and tailor-made software development services with the capability for end-to-end project management. We help institutions shape, digitalise and transform with “New IT” concepts such as Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Building on the experience of our expert in-house team, we are able to develop secure software for statistical modelling and machine learning algorithms with Java technology and inject existing legacy data with sound data migration and conversion principles.

Our main working areas include:

ICT Core Areas

Custom Software Development

We design and develop tailor-made applications with on premise or cloud options to meet the needs of clients. From analysis to live deployment, we conduct end-to-end activities using the Agile or Waterfall methodologies to develop state of the art applications. We also provide system integration services with implementation principles focusing “integration agnostic” solutions.

IT Strategy

We provide strategy guidance for institutions across all aspects of IT. Our experienced team conducts detailed current state analysis to identify improvement possibilities and develop an implementation plan for short- to long-term activities. Other services include facilitating a tendering process to select the best-fit contractors/vendors to undertake the implementation of IT strategy activities.


Our services include the development of smart contracts and setting up a new Blockchain using Ethereum or Hyperledger in line with the strategy of the institution. Additionally, we offer Proof of Concept activities to measure the feasibility of Blockchain solutions, in line with the principles of “Is Blockchain applicable in your institution?” to specify the exact needs.

Software Security & Sustainability Services

To enable software security and sustainability of our ICT solutions, we offer maintenance activities in line with the implementation plan and complexity of the product. By working side by side with institutions, we ensure a perfect knowledge transfer and rollout process.

Training services

The provision of training courses across a large range of topics is another crucial part of our services. Classroom and digital workshops, as well as on-the-job training and coaching sessions are the most important training methods we use.

We also offer the following microfinance topics within our Development Finance Academies:

The Frankfurt School Development Finance e-Campus has become a very successful e-learning tool for professionals interested in digital finance.