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Founded in 2016, FS EcoPol wants to encourage FS students to think outside the box by debating about current political and macroeconomic issues. Our initiative thus provides a platform to broaden their horizons and personally engage with high-level decision makers, in small get-togethers with our members as well as larger events with well-known politicians and economists.

Organizational Structure

Nora and Jannik portrait

EcoPol is led by two Initiative Heads.
Their main tasks include: defining the events-strategy for the upcoming semester, recruiting, budgeting, and coordination within the initiative and between Frankfurt School.

Nora Ehlig & Jannik Hahn
Initiative Heads FS Economy & Politics

Rolling-out of strategies is done in a Department structure, whereas each Department is led by two Department Heads:


Marcus and Marco Portrait

Aiming at high-ranking politicians, economists, and well-experienced business people from niches, Speeches’ main responsibilities are the organization and moderation of speeches and guest lectures.

Marcus Klingler & Marco Naschke
Department Heads Speeches


Mirko and Ruben Portrait

Trying to foster the exchange of different perspectives, the Events Department organizes panel debates on elections as well as other political and economic-related topics.

Mirko Weih & Ruben Weitzer
Department Heads Events


Daniel and Kirill Portrait

Strengthen the diversity at Frankfurt School, the International Department organizes events on topics with international relevance, like BRICS, and educational events on German Politics in English.

Daniel Violante & Kirill Kappes
Department Heads International

To ensure an efficient internal communication as well as an expansion of the external awareness of planned events, EcoPol relies on a Directorate:


Matthias Portrait

Matthias Reef
Head of Communications

Past Events

Over the past few semesters, we have hosted a variety of events.
Below you can see some selected highlights:

EcoPol presentation


In February 2024, we had an internal brunch with short presentations about the BRICS countries.


Stefan Hafke, CEO of Citi Germany, gave us interesting insights into his career, current hurdles in the German economy, and how City will overcome them together with its customers.

In September 2023, we organized a panel discussion in the run-up to the State Election in Hesse with representatives of all major parties in Germany.

ecopol event

ecopol event


In May 2022, we welcomed Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Chairwoman of the Defence Committee and Member of the Bundestag for the FDP parliamentary group, to our campus. She spoke about her personal career path and the turning point in German foreign policy.

In September 2022, we organized a panel discussion on “China quo vadis” in cooperation with the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation. Valuable insights were contributed by Prof. Dr. Heribert Dieter (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Dr. Wan-Hsin Liu  (Kiel Institute for the World Economy), Prof. Dr. Horst Löchel (Frankfurt School) and Werner Schlierike (moderator, Hessian Broadcasting).

ecopol event


Dr. Peter Tauber, former State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defense and former member of the German Parliament, enlightened our initiative with interesting insights on his past career in the Federal Parliament as well as on the German Army. Dr. Tauber emphasized the importance of equal chances in a democracy while taking the risk of failing. It was a lively discussion with our online audience (because of Covid19-pandemic)


We welcomed Dr. Theodor Weimer, CEO of Deutsche Börse and Supervisory Board Member of Deutsche Bank AG and Knorr-Bremse AG, for a talk about strategies of global stock exchanges.

Speaker in auditorium


Gregor Gysi, former chair of the Left Party, held a striking speech on “How can capitalism be improved?”.

Volker Bouffier, former Minister-President and Interior Minister of Hesse, Federal Executive deputy of the CDU, and trustees chairman of “Miteinander in Hessen”, hold a speech about the importance of the state parliaments and federalism.

Gregor Gysi in a talk



Peer Steinbrück, former Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia and Federal Minister of Finance, chancellor candidate of the SPD in the 2013 federal election, and senior advisor of the ING-DiBa gave a speech about the topic “Whatever It Takes’ effects of the low interest rate policy”.

Gruppenbild mit Steinbrück