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The Programme

consists of a two-year course (1st and 2nd degrees) and has been designed in conformance with the demands of the Ministry of Secondary and University Education of the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically the official programme of management courses.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees set for training are 1200 dollars USD/per year. These fees include: UPC standard tuition fees (around 400 USD/year), charges for access to the internet and for documentation materials for the student (400 USD/year) and other charges (400 USD/year).

  • 15 students shall receive a full scholarship from DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service). This scholarship covers the tuition fees and a monthly maintenance allowance.
  • 20 students shall receive a partial scholarship by way of a 650 dollars per year reduction in the tuition fees and shall thus pay 550 dollars tuition fees per year.

To conform to international standards and to make the beneficiaries of the proposed training competitive in the global marketplace, it corresponds to 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), i.e. 60 ECTS per academic year.

4 major modules

The course programme is composed of joint core subjects, such as those provided by the official Congolese programme, and of specialisation courses. The programme revolves around four major modules: microfinance, finance and quantitative methods, economics and management.

Exchange Programme

Higher education scholarships can make an important contribution to improving transfer of knowledge (skills) between Germany and Congo, in particular in terms of establishing both interpersonal and institutional networks. It is in that spirit that several scholarships are open to Congolese students to enable them to study at the Frankfurt School, as well as scholarships aimed at German students wishing to take a course of studies at UPC, but also scholarships awarded at UPC itself to non-Congolese students from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Admission Conditions

  • Hold a graduate diploma in economic sciences or management (equivalent to that issued by UPC), with grades of at least 60.0%.
  • Have perfect command of the French language (medium of instruction) and a good knowledge of the English language. Certain lectures may be given in English by lecturers at the Frankfurt School.
  • Have good knowledge of information technology: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Have successfully passed the admission test and be among the 35 best candidates.


If you are interested in the programme you may send your admission application to the Programme Director, Prof. Bakengela.

You can also obtain useful information from Prof. Kalala, who is in charge of teaching and research for microfinance.

The admission application must include

Are you excellent?

Please note: Only 35 candidates shall be admitted to the programme per year, following a competitive examination and rigorous selection in accordance with the Centre’s motto: excellence.