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About FS Economy & Politics

FS Economy & Politics is an initiative that wants to encourage FS Students to think outside of the box by debating about current political and macroeconomic issues. Our initiative thus provides a platform for FS Students to broaden their horizons. Our events range from small get-togethers with our members to big speeches with known politicians and economists. We encourage all students of Frankfurt School to join our events as they are an opportunity for a vivid exchange of political views as well as economic issues.

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Future Events
Past events

During the last semesters, we hosted a number of other events and we will update this section as soon as possible.


9th December 2019

The former mayor of the city of Frankfurt am Main, Petra Roth, held a speech on how a city is governed, specifically focusing on social policies and financial planning.


11th November 2019

We welcomed Gerhard Bereswill, president of the police of the city of Frankfurt and Main at FS. He talked about securtiy as a location factor and how current trends can be found in criminal statistics.

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6th May 2019

We were honoured to welcome Dr. Jens Weidmann, current president of the Bundesbank, for a talk at the Frankfurt School.  The event started with a short introduction by Prof. Dr. Nils Stieglitz and was followed by a speech by Jens Weidmann. Finally, the students got the chance to ask questions about the monetary policy and long-term challenges to the currency union.


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2nd May 2019

Dr. Cornelius Riese came to the Frankfurt School for a talk about the relation between the finance industry and politics.

Cornelius Riese has been a part of DZ Bank for over 10 years. Since 1 January 2019 he is the co-chairman of DZ Bank along with Uwe Fröhlich.

sit and talk together

29th April 2019

For the upcoming European Election at the end of May, we organized a panel discussion with representatives of all parliamentary groups. The discussion focused on the topics of education, digitalization and the prospective competitiveness of the European Union. Every panelist had the chance to introduce themselves and state their opinions. The event was followed by a heated discussion.

See more in our video

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23rd April 2019

We organized a panel-discussion concerning the topic “Made in China 2025: A Threat for the German Industry?” at the Frankfurt School.

For Germany and the Western world in general the rise of China and its industry can be either judged as a threat due to it challenging the leading position of the advanced economies, or as an opportunity given the investments of China in Western countries and rising investment opportunities in China itself.

Speaker in auditorium

19th March 2019

We welcomed Dr. Theodor Weimer, CEO Deutsche Börse, for a talk about strategic competitive arena of global stock exchanges.

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17th March 2019

First internal meeting this year, Politics & Breakfast, discussing the basic income guarantee.


26th February 2019

We invited Claire Jones, Bureau Chief of the Financial Times Frankfurt Office, for a discussion about the topic "Brexit - Threats and Opportunities for the Eurozone.

Claire Jones studied Philosophy and Economics at the London School of Economics. After finishing her studies, Mrs. Jones began her career path in journalism as an economics reporter in London. She then moved on to cover the Bank of England for the Financial Times. Apart from being the Bureau Chief oft he Frankfurt Office, Mrs. Jones also writes about the eurozone economy, being the eurozone correspondent to the FT

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4th February 2019

We welcomed Michael Roth, minister of state for Europe at the Federal Foreign Office, to talk about the interaction of politics and economics.

Gregor Gysi in a talk

5th December 2018

Gregor Gysi, former chair of the Left Party, held a striking speech on “How can capitalism be improved?”. 

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27th November 2018

We invited Stephan Sturm, CEO of Fresenius SE, to talk about the Health Industry – a booming sector in an aging society. 

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Singapore speaker is thanked

22nd November 2018

The International Division department invited Yidan Sun, Centre Director Europe and spokesperson of the Singapore Economic Development Board. The event gave many insights about the economic growth of Southeast Asia.

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20th of September 2018

In the run-up to the state elections in October 2018 we invited politicians from Hesse to a panel discussion at our business school. Representatives of all parliamentary groups and the leading candidate of the Alternative für Deutschland answered questions from the students about the future of education and the business location Frankfurt in the well-filled auditorium of the Frankfurt School.


17th of September 2018

We welcomed Nicola Beer, MdB, former State Minister and secretary general of the Free Democratic Party for a speech on the future of the European Union. She gave us interesting insights on the challenges and chances the EU is facing and how to deal with them from a liberal perspective.


11th of September 2018

We were honoured to have Mr. Gerold Grasshoff, Global Head of Risk Management and Regulation at Boston Consulting Group, with us! After an impressive speech by him, we hosted, together with Frankfurt School Student Consulting, a BBQ where Mr Grasshoff, together with more consultants of Boston Consulting Group, were available to answer questions about the company, work, and everything else.


17th April 2018

We invited Jeremy Cliffe, the Economist's Berlin Bureau Chief, for a talk at Frankfurt School.

Mr. Cliffe has spent months working on a report called “The new Germans”, interviewing politicians, prominent academics and ordinary Germans. He argues in his report that with Germany’s recent election, the country is on the brink of a new political era marked by greater openness, fragmentation and uncertainty. The in-depth report goes on to say that this coincides with and reflects deeper shifts in the country.


13th of March 2018

Volker Bouffier, Minister-President of Hesse, former interior minister of Hesse, Federal Executive deputy of the CDU and trustees chairman of “Miteinander in Hessen”, hold a speech about the importance of the state parliaments and federalism.

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6th of February 2018

We invited Bettina Wiesmann, member of the Bundestag, to a fireside chat at FS. Among others, we discussed topics such as the coalition negotiations or possible ways to get involved in politics.


15th November 2017

Peer Steinbrück, former Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Federal Minister of Finance, chancellor candidate of the SPD in the 2013 federal election and senior advisor of the ING-DiBa gave a speech about the topic “Whatever It Takes’ effects of the low interest rate policy”.

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6th of September 2017

Friedrich Merz, chairman of the “Atlantik-Brück e.V.”, gave a talk about the topic “Germany and America – A friendship on trial”.

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22nd of May 2017

Mohammed Al-Salafi, International Business Master candidate at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management with a concentration in African business development and an inclined focus on Infrastructure and Financial Development, hold a speech about the “Why” and “How” in the Yemen conflict.


22nd of November 2016

Roland Koch, former Minister-President of Hesse, gave a speech about the relationship between economy and politics.
Initial political situations like the Brexit have a huge impact on the economy.



The department for speeches is responsible for the organization of events which are open to staff, friends and students of the Frankfurt School.

Mehr Weniger

The tasks are on the one hand contacting and inviting potential speakers, which are either important figures in German politics or are well known for their economic successes and on the other hand trying to find suitable topics for the speakers to stress their profession and show the connection between economy and politics.

By organizing these speeches, the department aims to provide interested students and other invited guests by Frankfurt School with information about current topics which are relevant for German politics and economy.


The Events Department is responsible for the initiation and organization of external and internal events which are exclusive for members of FS Economy & Politics.

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Generating ideas and implementing these projects in form of firesite chats, trips und discussions constitutes the main part of their work.

By organizing internal and external events, this department aims to give the members of FS Economy & Politics the possibility to gain a profound insight into recent topics and trends and provide a vivid exchange of opinions and knowledge from the economic and political field.

International Division

The International Division is responsible for cultural and political exchange.

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Planning panel discussions with foreign politicians, company leaders and scholars about political and economics topics are the main tasks of this department.

By providing these events, the department aims to give new cultural and different insights about economic and political issues.

Application process

The following general application period will start in early September 2021. Stay tuned on Social Media to receive the latest information.