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Thematic Area:

HR Management & Development


09/2020 – 12/2021


Oromia International Bank



Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

Oromia International Bank (OIB) has made significant efforts in its development since opening in 2008 and is now an important player in the Ethiopian banking sector. To address the Bank’s growth and the dynamic changes in the Ethiopian financial sector, Frankfurt School was selected to review and modernise OIB’s business strategies and operating models. This includes reviewing and refining current strategies and processes, simplifying the organisational structure, developing a suitable performance management system and modernising the bank’s IT systems.

The project consists of the following core components:
  1. Review and update the strategic plan and development of strategies for key functional areas.
  2. Review and update the current organisational structure of OIB, including process analysis, workflow assessment and the development of job descriptions for selected positions.
  3. Develop the overall HR Strategy for OIB.
  4. Design a performance management system under the new HR strategy.
  5. Implement an efficient HRIS for OIB to enable a successful PMS process.

This project contributes to SDG 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.