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Thematic Area:  HR Management & Development

Duration:            2021 - 2023

Client:                European Bank of Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)

Region:              Europe

Coverage:          Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and


Project Overview

Conduct a digital skills gap assessment in the workforce of four important economic sectors to understand if there are significant gaps and if a digital knowledge platform could help in closing such a skills gap

Project Activities & Results 

The digital economy is rapidly transforming the employment landscape across industries. As new technologies revolutionise work and production processes, new job profiles emerge, traditional occupations are transformed, and innovative business models appear. Digital skills are at the core of this evolution and a key enabler for business growth.

The EBRD aimed to understand if employees in the regional priority sectors tourism, energy, agribusiness and manufacturing possess the digital skills needed. What is the current supply and demand regarding training offers in the region? Does a digital skills gap exist, with differences between countries, sectors, and occupational groups, and how is it expected to develop in the future? Finally, should a digital skills gap be evident, how could a curriculum and a digital knowledge platform look like?

The project produced various reports to answer these research questions. The summary report with the main findings is available for download below.