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Thematic Area:

Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance


2018 - ongoing


Multiple sponsors from the financial sector, investing public, politics and civil society



Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

The Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany (the Cluster) brings together the activities of various stakeholders and creates synergies that help to shape the green energy transformation process. It advocates forward thinking and efficient financial market structures based on the implementation of sustainable financing strategies.

The Frankfurt School has supported the initial design and co-manages the Cluster to represent the current activities of the German financial market in the area of sustainable finance and the identification of possible innovation areas. Action areas include:

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(1) Sustainable Finance – Status Quo and Innovation: the Cluster demonstrates the opportunities and risks related to sustainable finance, as well as possible consequences for financial institutions regarding regulatory and other requirements;

(2) Data and Digitalization, the Cluster analyses alternative investment strategies, the digital prerequisites for data acquisition and integration, and the fundamental starting points for sustainability and digitisation in the financial market;

(3) Metrics and Standards: the  Cluster supports the ongoing harmonisation of existing framework specifications, labels, key figures, etc. in the field of green and sustainable finance; and,

(4) Dialogue and Knowledge Development, the Cluster ensures a continuous platform for dialogue around green and sustainable finance topics that engages all relevant stakeholder groups ranging from businesses, the public, lawmakers and regulators to scientists and academics.