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Our presence in the Middle East & North Africa

Frankfurt School has been working in the Middle East and North Africa for more than 15 years and was one of the first advisory companies to support financial sector development in the MENA states. We are working closely with local banks and microfinance institutions to create, expand and enhance their outreach to the market of MSMEs. We also work with vulnerable groups

such as women, youth and refugees through tailored Technical Assistance (TA) programmes. In particular, we leverage our presence in Dubai to organize bank trainings in all areas of HR management and development. Other areas in our portfolio include comprehensive risk management solutions, as well as the promotion of affordable and clean energy through climate financing mechanisms.

Through our regional offices established in Dubai in 2014 and Jordan in 2015 respectively, we leverage our deep knowledge of the distinctive needs of the MENA region and continue to contribute to its economic development and welfare improvement. More information about some of our flagship projects in the region can be found below.

Regional Offices and Contacts

Regional Office MENA

Rizeq Rushaidat Street
Al Ghusain Complex -  Shmisani
11194 Amman, Jordan

Regional Office Gulf States

Ocean Heights 5503
Dubai Marina