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Thematic Area:

SME Banking & Development


2019 - Ongoing




Middle East & North Africa

Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

The three-year technical assistance (TA) project for the creation and sustainable operation of the Banque des Régions (BdR) aims at supporting the establishment of BdR´s structure and the development of its activities while ensuring the transfer of the necessary skills to the Bank's teams and establish the necessary conditions for BdR’s sustainability. The project foresees the merger of two entities that currently support Tunisian SMEs.

The creation of the Development Bank of Tunisia is formulated in four phases.

Phase 1 defines the target market needs and the absorption capacities of the two entities that currently support Tunisian SMEs. The business plan of the BdR is updated based on the outcomes of phase 1 activities and the technical assistance implementation roadmap.

During Phase 2, the establishment of the legal and regulatory framework will take place, as well as the development of the human resources structure. Additionally, public relations events will be designed and implemented to further support and assist the BdR in attracting funds to refinance its activities.

The implementation of the business plan starts in Phase 3 with the establishment of the system of good governance, in accordance with international best practices. Phase 3 also supports the constitution of the bank team according to its organisational chart. Frankfurt School supports on the development of financing and guarantee products and services as well as the development of support services (non-financial services) for SMEs and partners.

Phase 3 also includes the implementation of the financial management and treasury operations as well as the risk management framework of BdR. Frankfurt School supports in the definition and choice of information systems and digital platforms.

A final phase, Phase 4, focuses on the development and post-creation support of BdR. This includes supporting BdR in the implementation of partnership agreements with Tunisian financing institutions, accompanying the bank in raising the funds needed to refinance its activities, monitoring the functioning of the various governance and management bodies of the bank, and assisting with the proper application of various risk management policies and work procedures and the implementation of the change management action plan.