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Access to Finance, Markets and Knowledge for women-led MSMEs

We attach great importance to the promotion of women by delivering numerous programmes that aim to strengthen women entrepreneurs and enhance gender finance in a number of countries worldwide. These programmes include training, consultancy and capacity building activities, as well as large-scale research and studies on the current situation of women in general and women-owned/led micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in particular.

Our tailor-made approach addresses women’s needs to access finance, markets and knowledge building. It is based on the principle of gender equity by recognizing gender differences to ensure that everyone (e.g. customers of partner financial institutions) get what (s)he needs.


Tailor-made Approach

Gender focused assignments are very diverse in terms of programme objectives. Through our tailor-made approach, we help our stakeholders in a holistic manner and propose support in the areas that we believe will contribute most to the institution`s successful operations.


We design and implement innovative approaches at different levels, including:

  • Financial institutions: we develop responsive, sustainable products through innovative delivery channels to reach female clients;
  • Women clients: we use innovative tools to enhance leadership, knowledge and access to markets; and,
  • Policy & Regulatory level: we introduce different tools/approaches to enhance the exchange of information and to build an enabling environment for women, in particular for women-run businesses.
Gender-disaggregated data

The continuous collection and analysis of data on a gender-disaggregated basis is of utmost importance for any institution active in gender finance. We support institutions in the adequate set up of gender-disaggregated data and provide ICT support to continuously track the impact on the institution`s operational level.

Change Management

Changing perceptions and attitudes towards gender diversity is a journey, which requires time and investment. Developing successful women market programmes starts with building awareness on gender diversity within an institution. With our dedicated measures such as strategy advice, training and coaching programmes we are supporting financial institutions along this path.  


Women's Leadership Academy 

In September 2018, Frankfurt School successfully launched its first ever Women's Leadership Academy. The Academy offers a unique combination of analytical reflection, exposure to management research, peer-coaching, networking, creative leadership and tailor-made personal development with a strong focus on communication skills such as negotiation and public speaking.

More information about the target group, curriculum and enrollment you can find here.