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We are delighted to present the next generation of researchers who will shape theory and practice in business and society.

Below is an overview of our current job market candidates. If you wish to inform us about a job opening or other professional opportunities for doctoral students, please contact us at


Felix Fritsch high quality-01

Felix Fritsch

Research Focus: Empirical-archival Managerial Accounting, Forecasting, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing

Advisor: Matthias D. Mahlendorf

Job Market Paper: Listening to Twitter: Helpful or Distracting for Managerial Forecasting?

Teaching Fields: Managerial Accounting including Performance Measurement, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Organization strategy, Restructuring, and Strategic Management Control

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Chukwuma Dim

Research Focus: Empirical Asset Pricing, Investor Behaviour, Applied Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing.

Advisor: Grigory Vilkov

Job Market Paper: Should Retail Investors Listen to Social Media Analysts? Evidence from Text-Implied Beliefs

Teaching Fields: Investments, Quantitative Portfolio and Risk Management, Factor Models, Applied Machine Learning

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Publications/Working Papers

Revise & Resubmit at the Management Science: 

Generalized Bounds on the Conditional Expected Excess Return on Individual Stocks


Emirhan Ilhan

Research Focus: Financial economics of climate change, household finance, and corporate finance.

Advisor: Zacharias Sautner

Job Market Paper: Sea Level Rise and Portfolio Choice

Teaching Fields: Topics in Sustainable Finance and Corporate Finance

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Publications/Working Papers

Carbon Tail Risk (with Zacharias Sautner and Grigory Vilkov) - Review of Financial Studies, 2021, 34(3), 1540-1571

Climate Risk Disclosure and Institutional Investors (with Philipp Krueger, Zacharias Sautner, and Laura T. Starks) – Review of Financial Studies, Revise and Resubmit


Altan Pazarbasi

Research Focus: Asset Pricing, Macro-Finance, Derivatives.

Advisor: Grigory Vilkov

Job Market Paper: Cash Heterogeneity and the Payout Channel of Monetary Policy

Teaching Fields: Topics in Investment, Asset Pricing, Risk Management, Corporate Finance.

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Bryan Spencer

Research Focus: Professions, Future of Work, Organizational Change, Organizational Ethnography, Behavioral Theory of the Firm, Organizational Routines.

Advisor: Claus Rerup

Job Market Paper: Scripted Secondments: How Temporary Jurisdictional Contests Support Artificial Intelligence Development

Teaching Fields: Topics in Organizational Behavior and Organizational Theory, Qualitative Methods, AI and the Future of Work, Technology and Innovation, Change Management, and Teamwork and Collaboration

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Publications/Working Papers

Spencer, Bryan and Claus Rerup. [Title Withheld] Cryptocurrency Market Manipulation (Revise and resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly)

  • Nominated: EGOS Best Student Paper Award 2021 (Winner will be announced July 2022)
  • Nominated: 2020 Strategic Management Society Annual Conference: Conference Best Paper Prize; Best PhD Paper Prize; Strategy Practice Interest Group Best Paper Prize

Spencer, Bryan and Claus Rerup. [Title Withheld] Microprocesses of Performance Feedback Amid Multiple Goals (Reject and resubmit at Organization Science)

Spencer, Bryan. “Scripted Secondments: How Temporary Jurisdictional Contests Support Artificial Intelligence Development” (Job Market Paper)

Spencer, Bryan, Claus Rerup, and Carlo Salvato. “Routine Regulation as a Source for Managing Conflict within Alliances: An Integrative Framework.” (Revising manuscript)

Post-doctoral fellows



Arthur Beddok

Research Focus: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Portfolio Choice, Risk Management

Job Market Paper: Disagreeing Forever: A Testable Model with Non-vanishing Belief Heterogeneity

Teaching Fields: Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics

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Publications/Working Papers

"Live Fast, Die Young: Equilibrium and Survival in Large Economies" with Elyès Jouini, Economic Theory, 2021, 71(3), 961-996.