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We are delighted to present the next generation of researchers who will shape theory and practice in business and society.

Below is an overview of our current job market candidates. If you wish to inform us about a job opening or other professional opportunities for doctoral students, please contact us at


Mengjie JM round

Mengjie Xu

Research Focus:  Financial accounting, corporate transparency, and market microstructure

Advisor: Laurence van Lent

Job Market Paper: Does the disclosure of investors’ information acquisition footprints promote market transparency?

Teaching Fields: Financial Accounting, Business Data Analytics

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Fan job market pic_round

Fan Wu

Research Focus:  Real effects of disclosures on corporate innovation and operational decisions, corporate governance, and management control systems

Advisor: Frank Ecker

Job Market Paper: More Disclosure, Fewer Outside Opportunities? Accelerated Patent Disclosure and Market for Managerial Human Capital

Teaching Fields: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Data Analytics

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Karimili job market pic_round

Tural Karimli

Research Focus:  Household Finance, Belief Formation, Labor and Finance, Applied ML and NLP in Finance

Advisor: Yigitcan Karabulut

Job Market Paper: The Costs of Hidden Workplace Harassment

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Voigt job market pic_round

Maximilian Voigt

Research Focus:  Asset pricing, decision-making under risk and uncertainty, behavioral finance/economics

Advisor: Francesco Sangiorgi, Sebastian Ebert

Job Market Paper: Investor beliefs and asset prices under selective memory

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Carola Theunisz

Research Focus:  Empirical banking, Sustainable Finance, Corporate Finance, and Political Economy

Job Market Paper: The Walking Debt: Lifeline Support by State-Owned Banks

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Bianca Katharina Milanowitsch
Research Policy Officer, Doctoral Programs