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The Cooperation Company Project gives you exposure to real-world experiences in combination with your theoretical studies. You will take what you have learnt so far in semesters 1,2 and 3 to work in small groups on current data science projects with one of our leading partner companies under the supervision of one of our professors. A key aspect is that you will work on a project from start to finish, thus gaining end-to-end, hands-on experience to better prepare you to enter the job market. 

There are two possible configuration options for the project:

Cooperation Company Project Structure table

Previous Projects


PwC Project Overview

Inspired by data analyses in motorsports, a team of PwC data scientists and data engineers came up with the idea to build a slot car racing track equipped with several sensors to show data analytics possibilities at exhibitions.

The key aspects of their project were:

  • Creating an image recognition that is able to identify the two race cars in a video stream captured by a camera placed next to the track.
  • Developing new ways of controlling and monitoring the cars.
  • Splitting the existing project backend into modular domain specific backends.
  • Creating a central communication service that is responsible for information exchange between the frontend, the backends and the cloud.

You can follow their project blog including video updates from start to finish here:

RB NEW-Photoroom.png-Photoroom

Roland Berger Project Overview

Reliable forecasts and robust monitoring are vital for energy distributors to manage peak demand effectively, ensuring grid stability and meeting customer needs, with a focus on detecting external factors influencing demand anomalies. Students developed a Machine Learning Pipeline to detect outliers and forecast utility consumption, showcased through a data-driven dashboard with essential KPIs for easy maintenance. Steps included data pre-processing, shock detection with peak categorization and explanations, model training and testing, and automated demand forecasting with dashboard integration.


Sentyre Project Overview

Sentyre is a German start-up that develops new technologies for fleet management. Our cloud solutions utilise German-developed artificial intelligence to demonstrate their potential in direct contact with the road.

We analyse data in real time and process it in order to predict and avoid problems with tyres and rims. This includes air pressure that is set too low, which is the main reason for increased abrasion and fuel consumption.

Sentyre collects data from trucks driving and developing a smart system to predict the best tyre for a certain truck and position on the truck.

Students used data science algorithms and data visualisation to come up with a prediction model on the best tyres for certain trucks. Students also used Jupyter Notebook to show their results. 

RH logo

RegHub Project Overview

TheRecap provides automatic data services for Financial Service Companies. The project goal was to develop a concept and meaningful data points / signals that can be created using Machine Learning across a set of relevant news in a certain timeframe, automatically provided by our data service, depending on the similarity of the news, common topics, or potential other dependencies between certain news. The idea behind: Identify news that could indicate / highlight an important event, a challenge or major target relevant for our customers.


Deutsche Börse Project Overview

Students worked on a market trends project to understand market sentiment and investor activity across Xetra and Eurex. Project topics included clustering data, predictive power and analysing relationships between datasets. They used data science and machine learning to assess predictability and ultimately visualise the data with which a report was produced. You can read the Market Trend Insights report here for further information.


Ximalia Project Overview

For millennia, humans are shaping the face of the world at an exponentially accelerating rate of change, especially in the last century. Man-made intervention to the vegetation around the globe is disturbing a natural equilibrium that existed long before the dawn of mankind with unknown consequences.

We want to mitigate this intervention, preserve intact vegetation wherever possible and get a better understanding how the tourism industry contributed to the problems we observe nowadays in general, e.g., through deforestation for tourism facilities or spillage of ground water.

What skills did our students develop in this project?
1. Data modeling and data engineering in relational database management system (RDMS)
2. Analysis of satellite image data
3. Time-series data modelling and prediction
4. Visualization of time-series geographic data
5. Communication in an accurate and effective manner


Crypto Matter Project Overview

Navigating financial markets is prone to an overload of information, resulting in the challenge to make the right decision at the right time. This applies to the asset class of digital assets even more. Therefore, the Frankfurt School students enhanced the decision-making process by developing 1. a forecasting algorithm for predicting the returns of single digital assets using random forest algorithms and neural networks and 2. by constructing a sentiment indicator for major cryptocurrencies by analysing tweets with the help of NLP algorithms. Find more general information here.

Student Experiences

Moody's Analytics - Dive into the future

"This project made us realise, that it is not only about applying smart algorithms, but mostly about preparing data efficiently, understanding the data, and thinking further to work towards the best solution we could possibly offer our project’s sponsor." Read more on Friederike's blog post here.

Friederike Falk kleinste

Drooms - Object Detection

"Right after the Pitch Session of Cooperation Company Project at the beginning of this semester, where companies introduced their challenges to be solved by us, I was already quite certain that Drooms, a leading IT Service company, was the company I wished to work with on their challenging data science problem in the field of object detection on contract documents." Read more from Sitong here.

Sijong kleinste

Become a Cooperation Company Partner

Cooperation Company Projects are performed by small teams of Master in Applied Data Science students for external organisations as a core module and part of their study programme over a period of two to three months. We are always looking for current dynamic data science problems for our students to work on. Do you have a project in your company that fits with the project configuration? If yes, feel free to show your interest by filling out and emailing the form below to our Programme Manager Melanie Büche at