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Job description

Current role: Junior Project Manager (Aviation industry)

Pre-MBA role: Sales & Design Engineer (Automotive & Oil & Gas Industry)


Why did you choose the Full-time MBA at Frankfurt School?

I chose the Full-time MBA at Frankfurt School due to its globally fitting and present-day relevant curriculum.

How did the Full-time MBA prepare you for the challenges in your current job?

The application-based teaching helped me develop an aptitude to tackle real-world tasks at work as case studies and applying relevant models to provide the best solutions and recommendations.

Which programme resources (i.e. MBA  events, career counselling, networking opportunities) helped you achieve success throughout the program?

The MBA events helped me the most towards achieving my goal. It gave me an opportunity to connect with our Alumni and learn about their real-life experiences and journey towards their goal which helped me to prepare myself accordingly.

What was your biggest highlight of the MBA programme?

The biggest highlight of the MBA programme for me was my thesis project which was an Entrepreneurship Business Plan. This project was a culmination of everything that I had studied throughout the programme. It was a well-researched and prepared business plan which was later also considered to be a potential start-up opportunity by Frankfurt School.

What advice would you give to prospective students as they begin their Full-time MBA programme?

The only advice that I would like to give to the prospective students is to never consider even a minuscule part of their MBA journey as trivial. Whether it's your classmates, alumni, professors, or the events. Everything around you will be an opportunity for a bigger success so make the most of it!