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Job description

  • I have a legal background (lawyer, admitted to the bar)
  • Management of a department of about 25 employees (mainly lawyers, economists and nurses)
  • Negotiation of prices, administrative processes and level of collaboration with hospitals, physicians and other medical providers in mandatory and voluntary health insurance
  • Relationship management with larger hospitals and hospital chains as well as with associations of physicians
  • Dealing with legal and political questions of the healthcare market in Switzerland
  • Elaboration of the medical provider strategy of CSS Insurance


What was your favourite module and why?

The US module - Innovation, Strategy and Project Management – was my favourite. I appreciated to get a deeper understanding about the US healthcare system. We got real case studies during the module to be presented to decision makers. Innovation and strategy are key subjects in the healthcare market and therefore in a respective MBA.

In many countries health insurance is a key pillar in the healthcare market – in the United States in particular. I appreciated the analysis of different roles of the various stakeholders in the United States and in other countries very much. Finally, I got confirmed that the health insurance industry plays a crucial role in the entire healthcare market – not only in the coverage of specific healthcare services.

What’s your favourite memory of your time with the MBA IHM?

Although I am currently working for a Swiss company I appreciated the global focus of the MBA IHM very much. I got many insights in different healthcare markets of the world, and I took those ideas with me that I think might be applied in Switzerland.

The modular organisation of the course allowed me to continue working as a middle manager on a full time basis. Although the last two years were quite hard, I had never the feeling that I couldn’t cope the MBA programme with my work.

And above all it is about the people. During the MBA programme I met very interesting people from all over the world with various backgrounds I would have never met in my whole life. I value this aspect more than having learnt plenty of stuff or received the degree.