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Ruether Wolf


How did the MBA prepare you for the demands of your current position?

It is due to the MBA programme that I have my current position. The broad range of subjects covered by the programme as well as gaining deeper insight into key leadership issues were essential to overcome the challenges I am currently facing. I am presently using my gained knowledge in the field of human resources and finance.

How significant has your study time at the Frankfurt School been for you from your current perspective? 

I look back at my time as a student at the Frankfurt School with great pleasure. On the one hand, I have stayed in contact with my friends who are scattered throughout the world. On the other hand, the study programme has allowed me to mature both professionally and socially. The broad range or nationalities in the programme can be a positive challenge, from which I have learned a lot.

What is your favourite memory of your studies at the Frankfurt School? 

The long evenings, during which we sat together to do team work, were a lot of fun yet also much intensity (and afterwards celebrated of course).

How significant are alumni for a University? What do you think alumni can do for their University? How important are alumni for a business school? 

Alumni lecturers have greatly enriched the modules. Some of the course contents are rather ‘dry’ for some (doctors). However, if you listen to the alumni who have reached their target level, the motivation increases significantly. Alumni have also given us many useful tips for planning and designing the Master thesis. In addition, the exchange of knowledge and information of alumni amongst themselves is extremely exciting.