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Job description

It is one of the key technical support providers in the EECA region and beyond. It possesses over 8 years of high quality technical support provision in: program development, monitoring and evaluation, community mobilization, finance management, organizational development.


To what extent did the MBA IHM prepare you for the challenges of your current job? Which knowledge or skills have been especially useful?

Since my current work is mainly dealing with international projects, I work in very international, culturally diverse environment. MBA IHM Program gave me outstanding knowledge and developed valuable skills on how to effectively communicate my personal stand point, fruitfully work within a multinational team, tolerate and respect cultural and personal differences, find a benefit for a common project from a diversity of team-members.

How would you characterise the course of your career so far?

My career has shifted from the local perspective to the international one – I am invited consultant to provide technical support to NGOs and Governmental organizations to implement international donor-funded public health projects in developing countries.

What was your favourite module and why?

Honestly speaking, I find all modules to be highly important to obtain a holistic picture of Business administration. However, I can point out to the module in Singapore “Quality, Process and Project Management” and in Canada “Organization, Change Management, Human Resources and Information Technology” because they are highly relevant to my job and gave me a bulk of modern tools, approaches and ideas to be applied in my day-to-day work. Besides, I consider Business Plan and MarkStrat as modules that greatly enlarged my knowledge from business development stand point.

What’s your favourite memory of your time with the MBA IHM?

If I am speaking about my favourite memory of the MBA IHM time, I would be talking about a batch of highly intelligent, well-educated and promient professionals in Healthcare sector, who added a significant value into the Program with top-class discussions and international knowledge sharing; outstanding faculty which, with its diverse experience, acknowledgeable professionalism and “user-friendly” approach of giving the material, made the complex things easy to grasp and digest; sleepless nights, battles in group assignments, memorable travels, amusing parties, good friends and future business connections – all of this made “20 months of darkness” into “Memorable and Brightest 20 month of MBA IHM”.

How important are alumni for a business school?  What do you think alumni can do for their alma mater?

The best what we can do is to become benchmarks in our working place by skillfully applying all the modern approaches and hands-on tools as well as skills developed while studying in Frankfurt School and, in such a way, promote our Alma Mater among other potential students.