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Job description

CEO of MediConcierge, A Nigerian-based Management Consulting firm focused on Operations optimization and Management in the Healthcare sector. My work cuts across advising on Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Strategic Planning for Integrated Healthcare groups, Project Management on International Projects and Business development for Healthcare


Why did you choose the MBA-International Healthcare Management at Frankfurt School?

An opportunity to reconnect with my birth country (& family) but to acquire a body of knowledge in Healthcare management of global standards. The key feature of the IHM programme at Frankfurt school that influenced my decision was the opportunity to apply my learnings real-time at work and the opportunity to share experiences with accomplished Classmates with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Career moves after graduation:

It’s been a whirlwind of activities since I graduated from the Frankfurt School!

After successfully leading the Hospital Integration and Service expansion Project post-acquisition, in my role as pioneer Medical Director of Lagoon Hospital, Ikoyi (formerly Gold Cross Hospital). I was yearning for a new challenge, so I returned to run my company MediConcierge Services. Leveraging my MBA experience and cross-industry network, I have since grown my client list to include Multilateral Organizations (prominently, Afreximbank), A leading integrated healthcare group (Avon Medical), Healthcare IT company (eClat) that’s going to revolutionize healthcare on the African continent.

  1. To what extent did the MBA IHM prepare you for the challenges of your current job?

Extremely useful!

Venturing into the Healthcare consulting world was daunting at first, so acquiring the hard and soft management skills through business school was instrumental in giving me the confidence to take on these exciting challenges while adding value to my clients. The guiding philosophy of global relevance with a keen eye for excellence instilled at Frankfurt School has influenced my Project choices.   
Which knowledge or skills have been especially useful?

Finance , Business Planning,  Strategic Management, Project Management & Marketing

  1. How would you characterize the course of your career so far?
  • Stayed in the same field (e.g., consistently in healthcare)
  • Moved around within one general field (e.g., moving within hospital or within business positions)
  • Changed fields (e.g., moving from hospital practice to business or consulting)

A combination of all 3 in Healthcare. I got promoted early in my programme to Medical Director, had to evolve as a leader and then transitioned to management consulting.

  1. What’s your favourite memory of your time with the MBA IHM?
  • So difficult to distil to just one favorite, as the entire journey’s forever burnt into my memory. The Dubai Module was perhaps my favorite though, from the Leadership Hospital Turn-around Case Study  to our team bonding experience when one of the jeeps got stuck in the desert dunes – Priceless! Closely followed by the Singapore module boat trip/sail boat game