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Short Introduction to Maurice Rautenberg

I am a Financial, Regulatory and Risk Reporting Specialist in the Chief Accounting Office (CAO) of Deutsche Bank (DB) in Frankfurt. Within CAO, I work in the Securitisation Team of Global Reporting. My main stakeholders are the European Central Bank and the European Banking Authority as well as multiple internal stakeholder like other reporting teams but also the front office contacts in our global Securitisation Business. Together with my colleagues and my manager, we are responsible for punctual, accurate and comprehensive reporting for the whole securitisation portfolio of DB. This includes implementation of new (changed) regulations within our reporting environment and time-sensitive ad-hoc requests from the regulator. For example, that leads to cooperation and project work with the IT department and business units but also regular discussions with ECB representatives and our senior management. 


Why did you choose to pursue an MBA and how is it different to your previous degree?

After finishing my part-time Bachelor‘s degree with Frankfurt School (four years of part-time studies next to my full-time position), I decided to go straight for the next step: After ten years in sales and being branch manager, I decided to move to Frankfurt to better pursue my studies. This move also lead to my change in position. My main goal was to be more attractive for the general job market (potentially even outside the field of banking). I regard being able to lead people as an art, which is not only a challenging but also very fulfilling responsibility to me. Therefore, the MBA programme was the best choice to gain and improve my management skills while completing a degree, which does not solely focus on banking. I could build upon my mostly theoretical Bachelor studies and extend my management toolkit thorugh many practical discussions and learnings throughout the MBA programme: Writing papers about case studies and problem statements (individually and in groups), giving many presentations and going through different simulations made the MBA the best experience since starting part-time studying.

What would you describe as valuable life learnings from the part-time MBA?

I‘ve learned a lot - for example, I developed more self-esteem in talking in front of many people and strangers. However, that is „only“ a nice side-effect of the various modules I completed in the two years. Change Management and Organisational Behaviour gave very interesting practical insights and methods of approaching challenges in my work environment. The diverse class profile (professional background and cultures) made me learn a lot about communication and the art of discussion, teaching me how to navigate very different standpoints. Problem solving in such different teams is challenging, but it is also a unique learning opportunity. My new work environment is also very international and I would not want to miss it anymore. Of course, negotiating skills are very crucial in such a position.  

Which was your favourite module and why?

Firstly I want to mention „Leadership & Change Management“ because I think that lies at the core of a manager‘s required competences and we had great professors to learn from and discuss with. Moreover, „Organisational Behaviour & Business Ethics“ covered a lot of highly interesting topics, which we discussed in several case studies including change management topics as well. I particularly like discussing questions like „Are leaders born or made?“ and „What does „Leadership“ mean [anyway]?“. Equally, the case study about a young MBA graduate being overwhelmed by her new responsibilities in her company lead to interesting discussions and recommendations within my group. It also was interesting to see how two very different leaders (one very dominant and the other more democratic and empathetic) were perceived differently within my class and how both achieved success in their own ways. 

Your advice to other people considering an MBA?

If you are not sure, whether an MBA at Frankfurt School would make sense, you should ask yourself first, what you want to achieve. Maybe a special position within your company or a change to another industry? Connect with people in those positions and ask them, whether an MBA will be beneficial for your intentions. I called a friend before my application, who worked for one of the Big Four in Frankfurt. He told me, that graduates from Frankfurt School are well considered as applicants and he had a lot of colleagues, who graduated from Frankfurt School. Personally, I just wanted to know first hand, how Frankfurt School is perceived outside banking. If you are in doubt whether the modules and teaching style are relevant for you, just take the opportunity to talk to current or past MBA students. For example, Frankfurt School offers MBA evenings and online info sessions to connect you with them. The very best insight though, you will get from a class visit. Just contact one of the MBA recruitment managers and I am sure they will be happy to arrange one for you. Here some last advice, if you decide to do your MBA at Frankfurt School: Before you read all of the uploaded materials, ask your professors beforehand, what is needed for the course and take a moment to read through it thoroughly. The statement „Read the cases/material beforehand“ is not just an empty phrase. Sure, you can pass the course and probably wiggle through the discussion rounds either way, but having the cases prepared will result in a much better learning experience, discussion will make more sense and will be really fun.