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Thematic Area:

HR Management & Development


2018 – 2020


Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH/ Yangon University of Economics



Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

The goal of this Project is to enhance core human resource competencies and the leadership pool of financial institutions in Myanmar. This Project delivers a sustainable supply of quality training for the Myanmar banking sector, particularly on topics related to SME finance and institutional transparency.

This Project is being implemented in cooperation with the Yangon University of Economics (YUE) to help build the capacity of YUE to provide quality training to the banking sector of Myanmar. This will enable YUE to establish a number of Banking Certifications.

Frankfurt School experts started with a training needs assessment at banks in order to develop a competency catalogue and to develop a capacity building concept. Based on the outcomes, Frankfurt School, in cooperation with YUE, implemented the following pilot certification courses, particularly targeted at the Myanmar banking and finance industry, in line with the academic credits system of the local university:

  • Certified Leader: mandatory courses of Module 1 (Leadership) and Module 2 (Change Management) plus one elective course in Marketing, Strategic Management, HR Management and Development or Branch Management;
  • Certified SME Lending Professional consisting of four courses: Module 1 (Introduction to SME Finance), Module 2 (Accounting and Principles of IFRS), Module 3 (Financial Analysis) and Module 4 (Monitoring); and,
  • Certified Trainer: currently under development but will include methodology and technical training as well as one-to-one coaching and co-training sessions.

Moreover, trainees can also attend training sessions and receive Participation Certificates for each of the above themes separately and for IFRS and Accounting, Agriculture Finance and Portfolio & Risk Management, Business Communication and Development of High-Performance Teams.

Since the start of the Project, Frankfurt School trainers, with increasing participation of local lecturers, have provided 75 courses to more than 900 participants with nearly 1,300 teaching hours.

To ensure the sustainability of the training programme, 50 persons (including 40 lecturers from YUE) have participated in the four methodology trainings and are currently completing technical trainings and the co-training/coaching.