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Thematic Area:

SME Banking & Development


01/2021 - 01/2025


European Investment Bank (EIB) / UniCredit Bank Srbija



Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

Access to regular employment is not equal for everybody on the Serbian labour market. Various groups face difficulties to enter permanent employment, including women, youth, people with disabilities, Roma and Migrants.

The project at hand incentivises SMEs and Mid-Caps to increase inclusive employment. If they apply for a loan at UCBS, they can get a reward of up to 13% of the overall loan amount if they improve on certain indicators, which foster inclusive employment. This includes the increase in number of employees of such a group, but also the introduction of certain policies and procedures.

Since programme start all companies who participate in the programme have committed to achieving the maximum in almost all categories, sending a strong signal for more inclusive employment. The programme also provides direct support to the companies, helping them to achieve the inclusive employment indicators. In addition, awareness raising and experience sharing events are scheduled to increase public knowledge about the topic and motivate companies outside the programme to become more inclusive employers.