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Our presence in Europe

With headquarters in Frankfurt, we have enabled financial sector transformation in Germany and Europe more broadly for more than 60 years. In Southeast and Eastern Europe, Frankfurt School has an extensive record in managing Technical Assistance projects in the areas of Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance, Women Banking, as well as SME Development and Promotion. Over the past decade, we have expanded our work on behalf of the EU institutions and our advisory and training services now reach a growing number of organisations in Europe.

By implementing EU-wide Technical Assistance programmes and participating in several framework contracts, we have managed to widen and diversify our knowledge beyond the financial sector. Frankfurt School has also taken leading positions in several financial clusters in European banking and Green and Sustainable Finance to provide thought leadership in these topics. With our extensive experience and large network of institutional partners and universities, we are able to respond quickly to the regional development priorities and closely support our stakeholders.

More information about some of our flagship projects in the region can be found below:

Project Experience

Croatia l EBRD l 2015 - 2019

Croatia Women in Business – Technical Cooperation Programme

Germany l Multiple sponsors l 2018 - ongoing

Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany e.V.

Multiple countries l ECF l 2018 - 2019

Finance fit for Paris (3fP)-Tracker

Multiple countries l European Investment Bank l 2022 – present

Social Inclusive Finance Technical Assistance (SIFTA)

Regional Office and Contact

Frankfurt Head Office

Adickesallee 32-34,
60322 Frankfurt am Main,

Regional Office Europe

Rond-Point Schuman 11
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 2 256 75 55