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Annika Meo



Ritzenhoefer & Company




Associate Consultant

Why did you choose the MiM?

I wanted a Master’s degree that would emphasize managerial topics more than my finance-focused Bachelors. Furthermore, I knew I wanted to continue working part-time during my graduate studies and was very pleased with the three day model, since it saved me a lot of time and effort in coordinating working- and university-days and schedules. Lastly, the highly practical approach of Frankfurt School, regarding both teaching  and Career Services, appealed to me. In retrospect I can say that career fairs, networking events, and connecting with classmates has been very valuable for me; setting a very good basis for developing my career after graduation (and landing me two jobs during the Master’s as well).

What are the key skills that you took from the MiM?

For my technical skillset, the key capabilities I developed during my time at Frankfurt School were what I learned within the areas of process management, IT management and strategic management. The contents of MiM-courses are especially practically oriented and I have therefore been able to apply knowledge from several of these courses to my professional life.

The skills personal skills that I developed, however, have for me, had even more of an impact.

The MiM curriculum allowed me to learn about professional behavior within teams in a work environment,presentation skills, and application of theoretical knowledge in case studies and in real-life companies. The capabilities that I gained in these fields enable me to perform better in my job.

What does your current job consist of?

Ritzenhoefer & Company focuses on big transformations in the digital and IT environment. Due to this, the main client sector  is naturally the financial services industry. The actual tasks include classical strategy consulting, project management and oversight, and setting up IT architecture or managing technical specifics in IT transformations.

Geographically, our clients are mainly distributed around Germany,   with some  in other European countries. This makes travelling necessary for most colleagues, but  as I am based in Frankfurt, I don’t really need to travel.

I have – after only just three months of being part of the Ritzenhoefer family – been able to peek into three extremely interesting transformation projects in the banking sector and work on highly challenging but fascinating issues.

However, the biggest factor in what my everyday work-life looks like is the company culture: extremely flat hierarchies, instant feedback, real teamwork and high expectations are what makes working at Ritzenhoefer different and exciting every day. I look forward to our office Fridays in the company base, a villa in Mettmann, where I get the chance to connect with colleagues and exhange ideas to broaden my personal and professional horizon.

How would you advise future MiM students?

The MiM is a great program if you wish to pursue a managerial career. Since there are several concentrations to choose from, you will be able to specialize in a field of your choice. 

Frankfurt School is naturally focused on Finance, there are many relevant electives to take and valuable contacts to gain in this and other fields. The MiM is especially suitable for consulting jobs.

The best thing about it: the diversity! Diversity in classes, classmates, and teaching methodologies makes the overall program both exciting and educational.

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