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Deutsche Bank AG



Why did you choose the MiM?

I chose the MiM program because, in my opinion, it offers the right amount of general knowledge and the opportunity to directly apply the contents to your industry. To be more precise, the combination of general and concentration courses makes the program particularly interesting. I decided to apply for the MiM program because I wanted to get more insight into how decisions are made in companies. By choosing the Banking concentration, I was able to get this knowledge together with the specific background for the industry that I was working and still work in today - Banking. The modular program setup conveyed all the knowledge and skills that I find important in a master’s degree in management. Another decisive factor was the opportunity to continue working part-time during a full-time master’s program, which the MiM offers in the 3-day model.

What does your current job look like?

My job is very diverse. Fortunately, the challenges at my current job vary frequently, which keeps it interesting. The tasks entail conducting strategic analyses of European retail banking as well as the global wealth management market. This encompasses evaluating market trends and saturation as well as analyzing financial and strategic key performance indicators. Additionally, I oversee the success of strategic projects as part of the Project Management Office. Lastly, my work is also largely driven by ad hoc requests from senior management, including preparing content for meetings with external stakeholders such as the European Central Bank.

What are the key skills that you took from the MiM?

I particularly benefited from the various methods for addressing issues, which gave me the ability to structure problems in a way that allows me to cope with any given business situation, regardless of the specific content. However, as with any academic program where you need to deliver a solution, the MiM also teaches you to keep the overall goal in mind at all time. Further, I learned excellent presentation skills. The ability to present a topic properly and self-confidently at the management level will give you the visibility and recognition necessary for a successful career. Finally, the MiM equips students with essential skills to analyze situations and make strategic decisions.

How would you recommend the MiM to future students?

I would recommend the program for several reasons. I already mentioned some above, but along with an excellent program setup is the faculty’s commitment. Lecturers successfully managed to create an atmosphere of excitement around their topics and encouraged students to actively participate in shaping the lectures. For instance, professors regularly asked students whether there were any specific fields of interest they would like to cover. As a result, learning and interacting with fellow students was always interesting and fun. This close interaction with peers and professors allows you to build a solid network that will stay with you long after leaving Frankfurt School. I also appreciated the variety of teaching instruments that were used. From lectures to seminars, papers, workshops, group projects, etc., the MiM at Frankfurt School offers a broad range of tools to ensure successful learning.