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Silvia Weber

Rothschild & Co



Why did you choose the MiM?

The Master in Management program (MiM) with its part time model perfectly suits students with first working experiences who want to stay in their job while they want to improve their academic skills. Through the MiM program I could directly apply my new skills at work. Both together - studies and work - which directly fits in their content, leads to an even higher learning result. What I especially liked about the MiM program is the variety of classes at the Master-level. If you are not looking to break into a strict finance-direction, the MiM concentration in banking prepares you for a banking-career in a higher strategic level. The MiM program prepared me to work in the Corporate Banking Headquarters at Commerzbank AG, where I was not only confronted with finance related strategic projects but also topics beyond finance.

What does your current job look like?

At my current job at Rothschild & Co, I am exposed to finance related work. It is strongly related to the capital market environment on a global stage. A typical day starts with reading the news of the global market before the German stock exchange opens. We keep an eye on all the different stock exchanges of the world as we invest globally. If there are economic shock events, such as the Greek economy crises, ECB or Feds fiscal policies, china economy belongings or other global occurrences which can affect the portfolios that we manage for our clients, we have to decide with our Portfolio Management Team, if we react and how we react.

We, in the Relationship Management Team, are responsible to contact clients and to talk with them about the economic situation, the impact of their assets and how we handle it. I also prepare presentations for our clients of their current financial situation which we mostly hand over in a personal meeting. Besides the Asset Management of current clients my tasks strongly involve the acquisition of new clients by responding Request for Proposals (RfPs) and preparing presentations for pitches.

What are the skills that you took from the MiM?

Through the MiM program I gained deep knowledge in classes such as Marketing, Human Resources Management, Statistics etc., as well as insight into banking topics in classes such as Risk Management, Process Management or Business Engineering relating to the banking industry.

I strengthened my skills in statistics and finance, which I need for my current job. Even classes such as Information Technology, which I thought were not of importance for my future job, now serve me well and are valued by my colleagues. I extensively work with Excel to evaluate the finance situations of my clients. Besides strong finance skills I took a lot of skills from other classes, such as Management Accounting which help me understand my clients, their situation and how their companies work. Without all the different management classes it would have never been possible to understand a company’s situation beyond the finance data points. I also developed my soft skills and learned to work in teams and group assignments with up to eight team members. A high coordination and commitment is necessary to reach a high level.

I also learned to handle time pressure and sort out my priorities. Especially the combination of group assignments, paper work and exams, made me grow my management skills by coordinating all my different tasks, while still having to be highly productive at work. I also took the opportunity to study abroad which I successfully completed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through the study abroad and the high percentage of international students at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt, I gained interpersonal skills and knowledge of different cultures.

How would you recommend the MiM to future students?

I would recommend the MiM to highly motivated students who do not want to get focused on a one-directed finance topic. With the banking concentration you are perfectly prepared for a career in the financial industry for finance departments as well as for other strategic departments. The high variety of general management classes gives you the opportunity to switch positions in different management areas, even in the finance industry. The interaction with students of the other MiM-concentrations such as Manufacturing gives you a high network potential to other industries and gives you different point of view on topics.

Even though I work in finance right know, I´m still pleased to have chosen MiM for my studies, as I have a broader perspective of my clients now. I am not only looking at them from a financial perspective, but also from a business management perspective as they are mostly entrepreneurial clients.

As a MiM-Student, you need to be dedicated, as the group assignments lead to a lot of team work tasks, so that you are not only studying for yourself, but also for the whole team. On the other hand these strong team-working tasks will motivate you to reach your highest level. It can be seen as a put-and-pull-principal. Besides that, there is a very low dropping-out rate for MiM students and almost everybody gets their degree in the general study period. In addition to that you can perfectly coordinate and plan your working career with this program as timetables are well prepared. I really recommend the good student assistance including the student services, such as the career services of Frankfurt School and its free seminars and workshops.

I worked at Commerzbank AG for nearly eight years, including during my apprenticeship and my studies. Six months after I left Frankfurt School with my Master’s degree I got the job offer from Rothschild & Co. I probably would not have been considered as a candidate without my Masters from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

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