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Current Company

Deloitte Consulting GmbH



Why did you choose the MiM?

After completing my bachelor’s degree I was searching for a program that is not only theoretic or scientific, but also strongly promotes practical experience. I chose the MiM because the program combines exactly those areas.

What does your current job look like?

Consulting is a client and project driven business. Therefore, you mostly work at your client’s premises and travelling becomes a part of your work (as well as a part of your working time). As a consultant, I help our clients to better understand their business and the problems they encounter. At the beginning of every project I have to drive down complexity in order to identify key areas and measures, which will help our clients to be successful in the future.

What are the key skills that you took from the MiM?

The most helpful skills I took from the MiM are problem solving and structuring of thoughts. Especially in consulting those skills facilitate the daily work and give you an advantage.

How would you recommend the MiM to future students?

The MiM is perfect for those students, who strive for a career in the management or in the consulting industry. The major focus of the program is to give students all the practical tools they will need for a good start in their professional career.