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As well as providing our students with excellent theoretical knowledge from renowned lecturers, Frankfurt School ensures students can get ahead in their career before they even graduate. We provide the 3-Day Study Model so students can combine part-time work with full-time study. In addition, our annual career fair gives students the opportunity to build an essential network for their career while guest lectures and company visits allow students to expand their network and experience the everyday realities of the workplace.

3-Day Study Model

Our 3-Day Study Model allows the pre-experience master students to work part-time whilst studying full-time. The students have classes on two days during the week and Saturdays. You can gain up to two years of work experience and enhance your CV before graduation. Our students share their experience:


Lea Kutschera │ Master in Management

"Being part of dynamic initiatives and exploring diverse fields via internships and working student positions was what made my time at FS so enriching. I spent some months at DZ Bank in Hong Kong, got a glimpse into the world of Asset Management at J.P Morgan, and worked on the Porsche IPO during my time at Deutsche Börse. Even before the end of my master’s degree, I secured an offer from Bain & Company as a consultant. This not only eased the usual post-graduation stress and uncertainty about my future but also sparked immense excitement about my career."

Sophie Merl

Sophie Merl | Master in Applied Data Science

"The three-day study model is one of the unique advantages of the Frankfurt School Master programmes that stands out for me. Not only does it allow you to earn something while studying, but you can immediately apply what you just learned in class. In doing so, you deepen your knowledge and work on a practical application. My working student position was an ideal opportunity for me to test whether I would like to go into strategy consulting full-time after graduation. However, over the two years of the Master's programme, you can also get a taste of different industries to try out and hopefully secure some full-time offers in the process. In my experience, employers appreciate the additional work experience, and it helps you stand out from the competition."


Dongya An │ Master of Finance

"I applied for a master's degree with only one goal in mind – I wanted to become an investment banker, although I had no experience in finance before the degree. Frankfurt School helped me achieve this goal and beyond. I secured a full-time role as an Investment Banking Analyst at JP Morgan in London one year before graduation. Thanks to the hands-on approach of the master, I learned many practical skills which are highly applicable to my daily work."

Sarah Konig-round

Sarah König │ Master in Management

"The 3-day model at Frankfurt School offers a balanced approach with 3 days of classes and 3 days of work, making your week super organized. During my time at FS, having three days of classes in a row was a bit rare. Yet, I efficiently used these days for studying and assignments. These days are also valuable for group projects, aligning everyone's availability. Thanks to the 3-day model, I'm balancing academics, campus life, and gearing up for my career all at once."


Shivam Agrawal │ Master in Applied Data Science

"During my master's studies, I joined SAP as a working student, contributing as a Cloud Developer. To my delight, my time at SAP not only enriched my academic learning but also opened doors to exciting career prospects. While I was still pursuing my master's degree, I secured a full-time role at Capgemini, specializing as a Cloud Engineer. This transition marked a significant milestone in my career, underlining the strength of my education and practical skills. Building on this journey, I eventually made the move to the Netherlands, where I embraced a new chapter of my career. Presently, I have seized a remarkable job opportunity in the Hague, where I work as a Junior Cloud Engineer at NN Group."


Tim Ollig │ Master of Finance

"The Frankfurt School's innovative 3-day model has been instrumental in shaping my academic and professional journey. Not only has it afforded me the flexibility to finance my daily expenses, but it has also paved the way for enriching, hands-on experiences that complement my studies. By embracing this unique model, I was able to secure a working student position at M&A Boutique Taurus Advisory, thanks to the robust network fostered by Frankfurt School. This position granted me invaluable insights into the M&A process, allowing me to delve into topics that were simultaneously covered in my lectures. The synergy between my coursework and real-world application enriched my understanding and skill set, a fact that was further accentuated during my subsequent internship at PwC M&A."

Career Day

With over 100 companies attending the FS Career Day, it is an opportunity for personal conversations with employees and alumni, allowing our students to engage with companies and gain insights that you won’t find online. This a unique chance to get info on company values, working life and expectations on a one-to-one basis and make sure you stand out from the crowd. Our annual Career Days were once again held over two days: on 7 November on campus in Frankfurt and on 8 November virtually. Below are some of the companies that have attended the Career Day in 2023. 


Meet us Online and On-Campus

students looking at the skyscrapers from the FS Terrace

Learn more about our master programmes at one of our Master Info Evenings and find out which programme could help you excel in your career. 

You may also come and explore our campus and speak to representatives from our master programmes face-to-face, at one of our Open Campus Nights.

Guest Lectures & Company Visits

At Frankfurt School we recognise that there’s more than just what goes on in the classroom. Regular company visits and guest lectures as part of our Master of FinanceMaster in Management and Master in Applied Data Science offer you ongoing exposure and opportunities to meet business professionals, gain insights and expand your network throughout your master's. 

Who's been to visit lately?
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Commerzbank
  • Deloitte
  • Digital8
  • Dr Oetker
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Exxeta
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Nestlé
  • Vodafone