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As a prospective student aiming to embark on a journey that's as rewarding as it is challenging, you're on the cusp of making pivotal decisions that can shape your academic future. A significant part of this journey involves making strategic choices about standardised testing, particularly the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), a key component of the admissions process for our esteemed Masters and MBA programmes at the Frankfurt School.

Since September 2023, the GMAT exam has undergone slight modifications, and we wish to address any queries you might have following these changes:

  • The revised exam is now referred to as the GMAT Focus Edition.
  • GMAT Focus Edition Timeline Registration Opened – 29th August, 2023
  • Testing Began – Q4 2023 The previous version of the GMAT Exam remains available to candidates until early 2024, accommodating ongoing preparation and applications for business schools.


Navigating the GMAT's Evolution

September 2023 marked the launch of the streamlined GMAT Focus Edition, prompting a series of questions about this updated format. Find quick answers to your pressing inquiries in our brief FAQ section below, designed to simplify your decision-making process as you explore your business education pathways.

Remember, the GMAT is just one route. The Frankfurt School also offers an alternative through our Business Admissions Test. Additionally, information on the GRE is available via this page. Simply click on the respective headings to be directed to the relevant pages/website.

For direct guidance, our Masters and MBA teams are just an email away at and, ready to support your educational journey.

Which exam should I take?

Both versions are accepted and graded identically. If you began preparing for the original GMAT exam, we advise you to proceed with your preparation and take the initial test. These scores remain valid for reporting for up to 5 years, even though the test will no longer be available.

How long does the new Focus Edition exam take?

The revised test is more compact, now lasting only 2 hours and 15 minutes, as opposed to over 3 hours previously.

What structure does the new Focus Edition exam have?

The GMAT Focus Edition was restructured to appeal more broadly to candidates. It now encompasses three 45-minute sections and excludes the essay section. The new test comprises Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and a novel Data Insights section. This new section evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in analyzing and interpreting data and applying it to real-world business contexts.

What is the new score scale?

Those familiar with the prior version of GMAT will observe a minor alteration in the total score scale. This modification ensures an easy distinction between the two exams and their respective scores. The new Focus Edition now ranges from 205-805, with all total scores ending in a 5. Each of the 3 sections contributes equally to the new score.

What preparation is necessary for the new exam?

Various tools and preparation materials are available to assist with your preparation, including week-by-week study planners, ebooks, practice tests, and an online question bank. Additional information is available at

How will I access my score?

Score access remains unchanged; you can send your scores directly to us within 48 hours of completing the test.

For any further questions about the new GMAT Focus Edition, please contact our recruitment and admissions teams. Alternatively, numerous resources are available on