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Job description

Pre-MBA role: Gained experience in engineering consulting and project management while working as a Geotechnical Engineer for infrastructure projects across several countries in the Middle East and Africa.


Why did you choose the Full-time MBA at Frankfurt School?

Frankfurt School stood out to me, as one that had a continuous vision for improvement. I could clearly derive this understanding from the school’s improving rankings over the years and my research on it. I was further convinced of this vision after joining the MBA programme. I could see for myself that the school aims to excel in all aspects and that it always seeks its students’ feedback. The culturally and professionally diverse student body also greatly appealed to me and it truly enriched the MBA experience. The school is well-established and has a wide network of accomplished alumni. It has a solid foundation and an authentic history which gives it its present strength and a potential for a greater future. It is located in the financial capital of Europe in one of the most cosmopolitan and international cities across the world. Additionally, the prospect of pursuing a career in Germany post-graduation is another factor that I considered for my decision making.

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Opening Day

Curriculum: How is the academic quality of Frankfurt School? Which course have you enjoyed the most so far?

The academic quality at Frankfurt School is top-notch. We had many interesting courses, from which I would nominate the “Lean Startup Bootcamp” as the one that I enjoyed the most. This course went on for three intensive days, during which we brainstormed startup ideas in teams, then each team went on to fully develop one idea and simulated all the stages of an actual startup launch. It was truly an inspiring class.

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Lean Startup Bootcamp

Career Services: Which career services resources have you utilized and how have they supported you throughout the MBA? (i.e. career service events, company talks, career counselling etc.)

The career counselling service was helpful, extending its support in answering all my questions. The service provided face-to-face sessions whenever personal consultations were necessary. In addition to that, the company talks given by professionals from various industries enriched our business acumen. The networking events that followed these talks were also enjoyable and valuable.

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Fraport company talk

What is one highlight of the MBA programme so far?

The “Leadership Camp” held at the very start of the MBA programme was the best way to get the year started. It was a weekend trip with my new classmates through which we got to know each other better. The camp was packed with team-building activities with friends who eventually became family over the course of the program.

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Leadership camp

What advice would you give to prospective students as they begin their Full-time MBA programme?

Enjoy as much as possible, the events, gatherings, and facilities at the Frankfurt School. Actively take part in the Student Initiatives. Explore Frankfurt and the towns nearby. One year of study will be over sooner than you expect, so try to make the most out of the experience. If you want to pursue a career in Germany, learn the German language as soon as possible. German classes are also offered by the Frankfurt School, so make sure you participate in them.

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International Stammtisch (Artificial Intelligence)