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Job description

Current role: Programme Manager at Strategic Initiatives for SAP SE

Program Manager in one of the top X CEO programmes. Taking care of E2E Sales Operations. It includes managing 10 teams. Finance & Budgeting for the teams/resources. Onboarding new projects, RFP for vendor selection, and 3rd party engagements. Also, on the product side, taking care of the release delivery of the products, reporting to higher management, MVP delivery, and RD cycles. Transforming teams into a lean-agile setup, making teams efficient and more productive while also working on new business transformation topics.


Why did you choose the Full-time MBA at Frankfurt School?

Having worked in India for almost 6 years, I wanted to pursue higher education from abroad. Preferably in Europe and in a strong economy, so Germany ticked all the boxes. Frankfurt School made a lot of sense because of its location and with the overall curriculum and the programme in general. As soon as I was admitted, I didn’t even consider any other options. Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

How did the Full-time MBA prepare you for the challenges in your current job?

MBA prepares you for the challenges ahead. It provides you with holistic growth. From overall personality development to enhance your skills, to overcoming your fears and learning the art of storytelling are some of the key attributes that you learn. You also get to learn a lot from your peers and that’s an experience that you can’t obtain in any other form of study. Being able to work in a team with people from different backgrounds both geographically and professionally, is a kind of unique experience in itself and it teaches you a lot.

Which programme resources (i.e. MBA  events, career counselling, networking opportunities) helped you achieve success throughout the program?

Taking advantage of the amenities provided by the school in terms of career service and networking opportunities is important. I had meetings with the Career Service team in terms of getting honest feedback on my resume. For example, what works in German/European markets? Which sector to specifically target? etc. They will help you tailor your CV and you will get a holistic view of your skillsets and what to present to prospective employers.

What was your biggest highlight of the MBA programme?

Getting a triple-accredited degree (when I joined it was double) would top it all, that was just before graduation. On top of that, both the international modules in Norway and Italy were just awesome and presented us with a plethora of options to network and know about different markets in Europe and to learn about new cultures. (As a perk, you get to spend a week or so in these beautiful cities. You get to learn a lot through company visits and presentations. Making projects for them on different topics and areas and get to understand their business and point of view.

What advice would you give to prospective students as they begin their Full-time MBA programme?

Focus on your studies and on building meaningful networks and relationships. Considering the COVID 19 scenario, I may presume that you might have some doubts about career prospects but believe me, you will never find the perfect time to do it. There should not be a cloud of doubt hovering over your head. Work hard, learn new skills, and network, network, network. Can’t emphasize that enough. Give it your best shot, I am sure each one of you will emerge out successful on the other side. Have faith and always believe in yourself! You can do it.