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Job description

Pre-MBA role: Assistant Engineering Manager in Construction. Coordination between construction sites and design teams. Implementation of IoT on construction sites and generation of monitoring data.


Why did you choose the Full-time MBA at Frankfurt School?

Through the possible dual-specialized track through Management and Technology, I found a fit with something I wanted to enter post-MBA. Option to do thesis as GCP was also one of the appealing options. Also, FS is part of the MBA alliance, which essentially means the academic quality is top-notch, in addition to the advantage of the location. Mixed atmosphere with bachelor and other master students, with additional extracurricular activities, was an additional plus for me.

How did the Full-time MBA prepare you for the challenges in your current job?

Lean Start-up Bootcamp, one of the electives from the technology track, was the best course I have had in my MBA, if not my entire education, hands down. A lot of courses come close to that. I have fairly enjoyed the classes throughout the semester. All the courses are taught by practicing academicians, who are leading in their fields – and surprisingly, despite being a board member, lead advisors, lead researchers, etc, the faculty are always available for communication. Through the group projects, online simulations, and even games, there are endless learning possibilities at FS.

Career Services: Which career services resources have you utilized and how have they supported you throughout the MBA? (i.e. career service events, company talks, career counselling etc.)

I have not missed any workshops held by career services, even the ones that were held online. I got to network with amazing people through In the Boardroom talks, and my CV looks much better now since it has been reviewed by Rosa, Senior Career Counsellor. I had had my interview training session, and I have learned more about being interviewed by German companies in one hour, than probably more than six months I had spent on different online blogs and forums!

What is one highlight of the MBA programme so far?

I could be biased because I was back on campus after two months of online classes, but I would highlight my last elective course, “Lean Start-up Bootcamp” as the highlight of my MBA. Not only did I enjoyed having the most amazing experience of launching a start-up myself, but also it boosted my confidence that I can start my own company.

What advice would you give to prospective students as they begin their Full-time MBA program?

Before you begin, try to learn German as much as you can, even if you plan on returning to your country. The access to new career opportunities is a big advantage, but what most of us did not get beforehand is the vast cultural experience that is waiting for you after you experience it in its own language. You will make a lot of friendships – in and out of the class, and language will always give you multiple options to interact with people who cannot speak English.

Another advice is to connect with your fellow students as early as possible. I knew my entire class before I received my visa. You can get insights about visa requirements, you get to know your dorm neighbours and can decide on the accommodation together, and you already know people when you come here.