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What is the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center?

The FSBC is a think tank and research center focused primarily on investigating the implications of blockchain technology. In addition to general research and prototype development, the FSBC serves as a networking hub for managers, start-ups, and experts to exchange knowledge and best practices. The FSBC also organizes educational opportunities for both students and executives, including on-campus courses, workshops, and conferences. 

What is the focus?

Currently, the FSBC is focusing on crypto assets, digital securities, the digital euro, CBDCs, tokenization of assets, decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

What projects?

Specifically, we operate the Crypto Assets Conference (CAC), the DLT Talents program to empower women in the blockchain space, and the DeFi Talents program for education in the DeFi sector, as well as the NFT Talents for leadership in the NFT space, and with the Bitcoin Talents, we educate ambitious and young career starters to break into the Bitcoin ecosystem. The ReFi Talents empower talents for leadership in the regenerative finance space. Further, we have co-founded the Digital Euro Association (DEA) and as a consulting company for the digital assets space, as well as the DEC Institute as an organization certifying executives' blockchain knowledge.

Upcoming Events

Online Panel:
Saxony's 50,000 Bitcoin Sale and Its Market Implications 
25 July 2024 | 14:00 - 14:45 (CEST)

Online Panel:
ARTeCHÓ - Policy Dialogue:
Enabling blockchain technology for the creative industry
25 September 2024 | 14:00 - 14:45 (CEST)

Crypto Assets Conference 2025 (CAC25A)
26 March 2025
More information to come...

Past Events and Video Recordings

Check out our FSBC YouTube channel, where you will find videos of our Crypto Assets Conferences and our Online Panels. The videos contain interesting insights from renowned experts on many relevant topics of the crypto cosmos.

Latest Video Recordings

Tokenization of Investment Funds
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Bitcoin ETF: What Will Happen this Year?
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The Digital Euro Landscape: A Status Update
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New Year 2024: Bitcoin and Ethereum for Institutionals?
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Banks and Blockchain: Which Way to Go?
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Digital Securities and Crypto Assets: What to Expect in the Next Months?
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Become a blockchain expert

Blockchain will change the world and Germany is on its way to lead the digital change in this area. Education is always the first step towards the successful implementation of innovation. This is why the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is offering a wide range of education to enable everyone from intern to CEO to understand and successfully apply blockchain.

Digital Assets Course

Are you a finance, fintech, or IT professional looking to elevate your digital assets skills and gain an in-depth understanding of the European regulatory landscape? Our digital assets course organized in collaboration with EY is the next step. This course covers everything from blockchain basics to tokenization and custody provision in the context of MiCAR, GDPR, and KAIT/BAIT.

  • 12 full in-person days split across 4 blocks (one block = Thursday, Friday, Saturday - one block every 1-2 months)
  • Speakers include leaders in their respective fields (tokenization, legal, digital asset management)
  • Connect with fellow industry leaders and executives

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Certified Blockchain Expert

The course delivers an insight into the Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks, among others; you will develop an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies and the full range of potential Blockchain use cases, projects, and business models. 

  • The course consists of two 4-day weeks
  • Language: English 

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Web3 Talents Programs

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center offers five Web3 Talents programs: DeFi Talents, DLT Talents, NFT Talents, Bitcoin Talents, and ReFi Talents. These talent programs aim at helping ambitious talents break into the web3 space and offer a community to engage, share thoughts, and offer insights. Mentors support the talents during the bi-weekly sessions to improve the learning experience of the talents and become part of a growing worldwide community.

Web3 Talents Banner

Duration: 18 weeks
Language: English

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  • Joint research projects with corporates
  • Studies on blockchain applications
  • Compiling technical whitepapers
  • Well-established network in the DLT/blockchain ecosystem in Germany, Europe, and Asia
  • Organization of conferences, meetups, seminars, and online seminars
  • Workshops for top managers and decision-makers
  • Lectures about DLT and blockchain for bachelor, master, and MBA courses
  • Supervision of theses on various blockchain-related topics
  • Certificate program to become a blockchain expert
  • Digital Innovation and Fintech: dedicated bachelor program
  • Development of prototypes in Ethereum
  • Decision support with regard to (i) organizational and (ii) architectural IT decisions
  • Support with implementation of blockchain solutions
  • Advising startups on DLT/blockchain related topics
  • Establishment of B2B or investor contacts for startups
  • Support for marketing and public relations


EU Digital Innovation Hub: The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is officially listed as a Digital Innovation Hub by the European Commission. EU Digital Innovation Hubs have been introduced to advise companies, especially SMEs, startups and mid-caps, about digitization and innovative technologies, and to provide opportunities to engage in technology-testing, financing advice, market intelligence, and networking activities.
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Digital Euro Association (DEA): The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is a think tank specializing in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other forms of digital money. In particular, they focus on the private and the public digital euro.
More information

European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association (ECOTA): The European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association (ECOTA) is a think tank that aims to overcome challenges in the field of technological enabled decarbonization to find token-based solutions for a faster route to a net-zero Europe.
More information

Multichain Asset Managers Association (MAMA): MAMA is is a trade body which represents asset management companies, investors, technology providers, service providers and ecosystem players interested in working towards a new vision for asset management using blockchain and other supporting decentralized technologies.
More information

Blockchain Bundesverband (Bundesblock): The Blockchain Bundesverband (Blockchain Association Germany) promotes the use of blockchain technology at the business location Germany. The association represents the interests of startups and companies that want to develop business models based on blockchain technology.
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DLT Education Consortium (DEC): The DEC is a non-profit consortium for academic and professional organizations for international knowledge exchange, education programs, professional certificates and industry research on distributed ledger technologies.
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Blockchain for Europe: This association represents international blockchain industry players at the EU-level. Blockchain for Europe pro-actively contributes to the regulatory debate by supporting European decision makers in their goal to make the implementation of Blockchain technology a success. Blockchain for Europe closely collaborates with national, regional and global players – both at policy as well as industry level – to support the promotion of and education about blockchain technology.
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European Union Blockchain Observatory: The European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum is a two-year initiative created by the European Commission in February 2018, aiming to support blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU.
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Austrian Blockchain Center (ABC): The ABC mission is to establish itself as the one-stop-shop Austrian Research Center for Blockchain and related technologies focusing on the industrial application in areas such as industry 4.0 and IoT as well as financial, energy, logistics, government, and administrative applications.
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International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA): The INATBA provides users and developers of DLT a worldwide forum to exchange views and opinions with regulators and policymakers.
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Trust Square: The co-working space Trust Square in Zurich, Switzerland is offering a network of experts in the field of blockchain technology, bringing together entrepreneurs, businesses, investors as well as academics and researchers in an open and diverse environment.
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Bloxberg: The Bloxberg consortium is a decentralized research infrastructure governed by various research institutes and scientists that provide services for science.
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Research and Publications

Most-Read Publications


Selected past projects
  • Proof of concept (PoC) on trading loans using Ethereum
  • Blockchain workshop with the Advisory Board of the Deutsche Bank
  • Blockchain workshop with the Board of LBBW
  • Joint workshop with Deutsche Bundesbank (6th Central Banking Workshop on “Blockchain Technology: Opportunities and Challenges”)
Conferences and seminars

Press Coverage

Cover Block52

Block52 #241 in Gedenken an Philipp Sandner | 1. März 2024

In dieser letzten Episode von Block52 widmen sich Katharina Gehra und Philipp Schulden dem Andenken an einen außergewöhnlichen Menschen: Philipp Sandner. 
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Foto: dpa

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | 29.11.2023
Braucht Europa einen Digitalen Euro?
Die EZB hat den Weg für den Digitalen Euro geebnet ​​– zur Schaffung einer digitalen Zentralbankwährung für den Euroraum. Ein Zukunftsprojekt mit geopolitischer Ambition, über dessen Grundlagen aber noch geredet werden muss.
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ZEIT online | 22.11.2023
Kommt jetzt das nächste Krypto-High?
Der Bitcoin-Kurs stieg lange, wohl auch wegen eines geplanten Bitcoin-ETF. Ist es noch klug, zu investieren – oder viel zu riskant? Was Experten raten.
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Grafik Bitcoinzeichen mit EU Sternen

FAZ | 19.12.2022
Bitcoin & Co unreguliert? Natürlich nicht!
Die EU hat Regeln für Krypto-Werte geschaffen, die weit über Europa hinaus wirken könnten. Ein Gastbeitrag. Von Johannes Blassl, Philipp Sandner
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Header Neue Zuercher Zeitung

NZZ | 23.12.2022
Der Kollaps der Krypto-Börse FTX wirft fundamentale Fragen über die Zukunft von Digitalwährungen auf. 
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Screenshot beta stories

BR Fernsehen | 05.11.2022
beta stories
Bitcoin · Die große Verheißung
Zum Video

Screenshot Leschs-Kosmos | 25.10.2022
Leschs Kosmos
Krypto, Bitcoin & Co: Revolution oder Spekulation?
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Cointelegraph | 02.09.2022
6 Fragen an Philipp Sandner
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Philipp Sandner bei Tagesschau 24

Tagesschau 24 | 03.06.2022
Bitcoin verkaufen? 
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handelsblatt | 01.11.2018
Mit diesem 5-Punkte-Plan wird Deutschland zum Blockchain-Vorreiter
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ntv | 14.08.2018
Blockchain ist vergleichbar mit dem iPhone 1
Zum Video


zdf | 26.02.2018
Wem nützt der Bitcoin überhaupt?
Zum Video


Frankfurt School Experts

Daniel Holk

Areas of Expertise:

  • Industrial application of blockchain
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Crypto currencies

DLT Talents Program

Masud Sultan

Areas of Expertise:

  • Decentralized finance
  • Crypto assets:
    Consulting | Quality Assurance Expert | Blockchain & DLT

Valentin Kalinov

Areas of expertise:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Blockchain
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

DeFi Talents program

Ilka Kranefuß

Online Editor / Website Manager

DLT Talents Ambassador

Mentor Bitcoin Talents

Constantin Lichti

Areas of Expertise:

  • Public blockchains
  • Individual adoption of blockchain technology
  • Social media research on blockchain technology 
  • Applications of blockchain and DLT systems

Bitcoin Talents program

Cedric Heidt

Areas of Expertise:

  • Token economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • DeFi, DApps, Web 3.0
  • Due diligence and research

Marc Anders

Areas of Expertise:

  • DeFi, DApps and Web3 
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)
  • Industrial application of DLT & blockchains

NFT Talents program

External Experts

Christoph Kreiterling

Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin

Area of Expertise:

  • Blockchain technology research

Martin Janda

Bitcoin Consulting UG

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blockchain and smart contract security
  • Fullstack development (Java, C#, ... ) 
  • IT security

  • Mining of crypto assets 

Dr. Jonas Groß

Areas of Expertise:

  • Impact of blockchain technology on monetary policy
  • Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)
  • Stablecoins
  • Crypto currencies

Klaus Himmer

21 Consulting GmbH

Areas of Expertise:

  • Taxation & Accounting of digital Assets


  • Multishore Tax Reporting

  • Crypto Assets

  • Crypto Fund Reporting

Dr. Michael Kuperberg

DB Systel GmbH

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blockchains and DLT
  • Software Integration
  • Performance and Scalability Engineering
  • IT Security and Safety

Robert Richter

Area of Expertise:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Crypto currencies in the context of portfolio management
  • Value drivers of crypto currencies