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Personal Details

Giulio Bagattini is a doctoral candidate in the Finance Department at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. He is interested in the analysis of financial systems and intermediaries. Mr. Bagattini conducts his research at the European Central Bank and at the Deutsche Bundesbank, where he studies the organisational structure of banks and their interconnections with non-bank financial intermediaries via market exposure and ownership links. He investigates the channels that contribute to the resilience or to the fragility of universal banks and asset management companies which are part of a financial conglomerate, particularly during crises. He examines the implications for the stability of the banking system and the wider financial sector, as well as policy measures to mitigate financial contagion.

Mr. Bagattini holds a BSc and an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Pavia. He is an alumnus of Collegio Ghislieri in Pavia, of the Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS), and he spent two semesters as a visiting student at Humboldt University in Berlin. Before joining Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, he gained work experience in the financial risk management division at KPMG in Milan.