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Frankfurt School offers a comprehensive portfolio of executive education programmes that includes seminars, certification programmes, Executive Master and (Executive) MBA programmes. Artificial intelligence, digitalisation, blockchain, compliance, leadership, strategy, financial controlling and accounting are just some of the subject areas covered by Frankfurt School courses and programmes. Although all courses are based on the latest research, they are also highly practical in orientation.

Now the business school is making an attractive offer to all alumni: They will be eligible for significant discounts. 

Graduates of academic degree programmes (e.g. Diplom, Bachelor, Master, LL.M., MBA, doctoral programmes) will receive a discount of

  • 50 percent if they enrol on an Executive Education programme.
  • 10 percent if they complete another degree programme with us.

Graduates of all executive and professional programmes, including our Bankfachwirt, Bankbetriebswirt, Betriebswirt and Management Studies graduates, are eligible for a 10-percent discount on the fees for all further executive and professional programmes (with the exception of Bankfachwirt participants progressing to the Betriebswirt or Management Studies programmes).

In addition, graduates of the following professional programmes – Bankfachwirt, Bankbetriebswirt, Betriebswirt, Management Studies; Certified Compliance Professional (CCP), Certified Fraud Manager (CFM), Certified Security Manager (CSM), Certified TBE Manager (TBE) and Financial Planner – will receive a 10 percent discount on the fees for a degree programme (with the exception of Bankfachwirt participants progressing to the Bachelor of Arts programme).

If during the online enrolment process, graduates indicate that they have already completed an educational programme at Frankfurt School, the relevant discount will be applied automatically.

alumni discount


  • Discounts are always applied to the fee invoiced to the student or course participant. This fee may differ from fees advertised elsewhere.
  • The discount is deducted from the actual price payable on the invoice date, i.e. after deduction of other possible rebates (such as early-bird discounts).
  • Discounts are not applied to accommodation costs where these are included in programme/course fees.
  • Discounts are applied to “open” programmes booked by individuals (open enrolment).
  • Graduates who have completed one of Frankfurt School’s continuing executive or professional development programmes in the form of an in-house company programme are also eligible for a discount if they wish to enrol on an open programme.
  • Discounts of 10 percent for degree programmes remain valid until the application deadline for academic courses that start in 2021.
  • Discounts may be combined with scholarships for reducing tuition fees, but will only be applied once other rebates (such as early-bird discounts) have been deducted.
  • Graduates of academic degree programmes (e.g. Diplom, Bachelor, Master, LL.M., MBA, doctoral programmes) are eligible for a 25-percent discount if they enrol on the 90 ECTS variant of a Pre-experience Master course.