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Living in Hamburg

Private dorms and student hostels
Due to the high demand for accommodation in Hamburg, various private student residences and hostels have opened in recent years. Please find the most popular ones below:

Please note that you can’t apply for rooms in student hostels run by public universities in Hamburg (i.e. linked to the “Deutsches Studentenwerk”), because their accommodation is intended exclusively for students attending public universities.

Flat shares
There are various websites advertising rooms in shared flats. We list some of them below:

Flats for rent
There are plenty of websites advertising flats and apartments, although most of them are German-language only. We list some of them below:

There are lots of Facebook groups where you can find offers of flat shares or student rentals – they’re definitely worth checking out! We list some of them below:


Information for landlords

If you would like to let an apartment or room to students at Frankfurt School, please send an e-mail with all essential details (such as rent, size of apartment, number of rooms, location, expected deposit, photos) to We’d be happy to post your offer on our in-house platform for the attention of our students.